Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning

I woke up at 6 this morning because my husbands alarm went off and I could not go back to sleep. story of my life

So at 8 I decided what better way to spend my time then to make some peanut butter balls
One may have been eaten as my breakfast ;)

Then it was time to address the elephant grey hair in the room!!

I went to my favorite stylist the other day to get my hair cut but had to resist the urge to have her color my hair since I was sent the new Vidal Sassoon Stylist kit to test out for free from bzz agent.

Staring at my grey poking thru as she was styling my hair was almost to much for me! I just wanted them covered up. 

I mean I could pass as Mrs. Claus with these roots :/ 
Not that there is anything wrong with Mrs. Claus. I am sure she is a lovely lady ;)

These bad boys needed to go and today was the day!

I always keep makeup wipes handy and apply some Alba un-petroleum to my hair line so I don't end up with a lovely ring of hair color from any oops I might make!! (that tip was compliments of one of Kandee Johnson's videos)

Mixing up the first step was pretty easy peasy. Just mix it up and apply 3/4 of the mixture to all of your roots, clean yourself up and then wait 20 minutes for the second step.

My only issue was they provided one set of gloves (say what!!!). You have to remove the gloves while you wait the 20 minutes then try to get those little gems back on without getting hair color all over you and not to mention they don't really fit that great the second time around.

can you tell waiting is not my strong suit!

I had spare gloves but I decided since I was testing this out I needed to go with only what was in the box.

The next step you just mix in the serum to the rest of the mixture and apply it to the rest of your hair.

Then wait 10 minutes and rinse it out, wash your hair and apply the colour perserve conditioner.

Style and let the festivities begin!!!!

I think it turned out really pretty and frosty approves ;)

Now off to put some chocolate on those peanut butter balls :)

Have a Very Merry Christmas Eve everyone xoxo

**The Vidal Sassoon was sent to me by bzz agent to test out for free but these are my honest opinions**

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Ipsy Bag

But on a Tuesday!!

I have not blogged since Thanksgiving....REALLY Ughh!

December was busy and brutal that is my only excuse :/



Anyway the reason for my blog today is to share my Ipsy Bag for this month.

There was not much to swatch this month so I just took one picture of all the products and then one of the only product there was to swatch.

I received:
 Sexy Hair 450° Blow Out Spray full size retails for $18.95
Cailyn Just Mineral Eye Polish in the color orchid which retails for $15.00
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara which happens to be my favorite mascara and full size retails for $20.00
Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser full size retails for $11.95
NYX Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow which retails for $4.00

Here is a swatch of the Cailyn eye polish. It is very pretty but I have not tested it out yet.

As far as everything else the hair product and facial cleanser smell very nice but I have not tried either yet. I love the NYX butter lip balm. And of course I love the Mascara cause it's my favorite.

I hope everyone is having a Happy Christmas Eve Eve ;)

**Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty subscription if you would like to sign up click HERE**

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great day full of family, food and fun.

I hope you all had a great day full of blessings! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watcha’ Cookin’–Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

Watcha Cookin'
I have been wanting to make this Caramel Apple Pie Cookie recipe for a while so since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow I figured no better time like the present.
I used two websites as my guide. Tablespoon and Oh Bite It.
Both websites have great step by step instructions for this recipe.
You will need:
1Pkg Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust
1 Jar Caramel Sauce ( I used the squeeze bottle kind since you only use enough to spread over the crust.)
1 Can Apple Pie filling or you could make your own filling.
1 Egg Lightly Beaten
1 TBSP Cinnamon Sugar
1 TBSP Flour for sprinkling on surface
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. You might want to go ahead and grease two pans because someone didn’t and had to scramble to do it with sticky hands covered in apple pie filling and dough.
Sprinkle clean surface with flour and roll out dough just a little .
apple cookies 5
Then spread some caramel sauce on one of the pie crusts all the way to the edges.
apple cookies 1
Then chop up about a 1/2 can of apple pie filling. You want it pretty well chopped so it will spread easy.
Spread that all the way to the edges as well.
apple cookie 2
Then with your other pie crust cut into even strips about 1/2 inch wide and make a lattice top on top of the filling.
apple cookies 3
Don’t laugh at me I did not cut mine even. Smile with tongue out
Next you will use a 3” cookie cutter and will cut out your cookies. You should get about 10.
Use a metal spatula to place them on your greased cookie sheet. (I had to gently pull away the excess carefully  to do this but don’t throw that excess away!!)
Now beat your egg and brush across the strips on the cookies and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. (you see the wonky ones to the right that was all the excess. I just kind of formed whatever shape I could and put them on another cookie sheet. No need for any yumminess to go to waste!)
apple pie cookies 4
Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.
I think I did pretty good for my first try.
apple pie cookies 6
Even the wonky ones turned out pretty.
apple pie cookies 7
Ignore my pan it’s old! Rolling on the floor laughing
Happy Day Before Thanksgiving Everyone!!Red lips

Monday, November 24, 2014

Makeup Monday- Sans Makeup

make up monday new

Coffee Break With Dani inspired me the other day to clean my brushes when she posted a picture to instagram (click here for the picture)

I had been putting it off but it needed to be done.

She had this cool little doo dad to clean hers called a brush egg, but I didn’t have a cool doo dad so I just did the Jenny version and used the back of my shower brush thing since it has little nodules on the back.

blog 3

Keeping it classy folksWinking smile!

I just mix a little Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Soap with warm water in my cup and dip my brushes in my cup and swirl them around. I then sweep them over the back of the shower brush while running them under water to get all the makeup off. Once the water runs clear then they are clean.

At this point I started getting very uninspired and I still had more.. Why do I have sooo many brushes!!!!Smile with tongue out

blog 1

But I carried on and got them all done.

blog 2

Woo hoo clean brushes!! Rolling on the floor laughing

I think I might need to look into getting a egg thing!!

The Original BrushEgg - Cosmetic Make-Up Brush Cleaning Tool (Pink)

Red lips

I also got a new shower cleanser from 100% pure.

blog 4

I did not know they sell this brand at Ulta now and you can use your coupon cause it’s not considered prestige!


This stuff smells so good.

It smells like vanilla obviously but it smells like a vanilla taffy or some kind of vanilla confection from my childhood. I literally try to pinpoint the exact scent every time I am in the shower now.

Anyway I love it and I love this brand!

↓Go check them out↓

100% Pure

Red lips

This has nothing to do with beauty or makeup but look how cute this change purse is I got on clearance at Pier One!

Blog 5

They had a bunch of different styles which would be perfect for girls for Christmas!

Red lips

Happy Monday!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

November Ipsy Glam Bag

make up monday new

I totally forgot to post last months bag so if you want to se it here it is:

October Ipsy Bag

It contained a City Color Be Matte lipstick in the shade Cappuccino, Jesse’s Girl eye shadow in the shade Rosemary Frost, Skyn Iceland glacial cleansing cloths, Ecru New York acacia protein bb cream for the hair and a Figs & Rouge mango mandarin hand cream.

The only thing I was not thoroughly impressed with was the hand cream other then that I really like the rest of the products from the October bag.

Red lips

This months theme was Girl Meets Glitter!

(Click the pictures to see the product sites)

November bag

I redeemed some of my ipsy points for a Chella ivory lace highlighter crayon. I received one in a ipsy bag a while back and absolutely loved it so when I saw that we could redeem some points for one I jumped on it.

Red lips

My first actual product in my bag was this Marc Anthony oil of Morocco argan oil hairspray. Say that ten times fast!!Nyah-Nyah

I really like the smell and feel of this product. It has good hold without that crunchy feeling if ya know what I mean.

A full size retails for $8.99 at Ulta.


Red lips

Next item was the Temptu s/b highlighter in pink pearl.

This is a very pretty but subtle highlight for the the cheeks or on the brow bone and you can also use it mixed in foundation for a luminous effect.

A full size retails for $27.50.


Red lips

I also received a waterproof liquid eyeliner from Elizabeth Mott in the color glitterati.

This is a deep black liquid eyeliner with a little bit of shimmer. It is very pretty and very waterproof. My hand was red after trying to get this off with soap and then eye makeup remover.

A full size retails for $17.99


Red lips

I also received a eye shadow base from Be A Bombshell in the color submissive.

This is probably my favorite item in the bag. It is soo pretty for fall and so creamy it just glides on. I seriously love it.

A full size retails for $14.00

Eyeshadow base

Red lips

Last but not least is a wonder lip paint from Jcat beauty in the color red potion.

This stuff is comparable to a OCC lip tar and is very pigmented so a tiny bit goes a long way. I had to sheer it out cause it was so dark, but it is beautiful.

A full size retails for $4.99.  ← you can’t beat that a OCC lip tar is $18.00 at sephora! Surprised smile 

November lip

Red lips

Here is my look with everything on but the liquid eyeliner.

November Ipsy Bag Look

Happy Monday!!! Red lips