Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Ipsy Bag

I almost forgot about my bag for this month.

 I was putting away some of my Christmas goodies and saw it sitting in my scarf bin all sad and stuff.  LOL

I have used the eye primer a handful of times and it is awesome. The lipstick from Pacifica is really nice!! 

Will have to report back on the rest cause I have yet to use them. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Christmas Day!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Baking

I kinda went nuts baking this week.

Date Bars


Gingerbread Cookies for the dogs


Fudge and Crinkle Cookies


Pecan Pie Bars


Peanut Butter Balls


And then since I hadn’t baked enough I made Gingerbread Muffins cause I did not want to eat anything too sweet today. Winking smile


So if I am big as a house come January 1st don’t judge me.

smiley hungry

Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Have No Excuse

Sorry for no blogging here but I have been blogging on the dog blog.

♥ My Pet Blog ♥

Still dealing with back/hip/leg issues. I am going for a MRI of my hips this week and have been put on the dreaded steroid pack that I have tried to avoid for months. It actually has not been as bad as I envisioned and seems to be helping. I am also still going to acupuncture as well.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season. 

Here is a post of Christmas past:



The other day me and the family were watching old movies of my son at various Christmas’s.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching my son watch himself when he was really little.  He thought it was funny that he was such a Ham in front of the camera and every time he saw it he would smile real hard and squint his little eyes. 
But a part of me was sad.  I miss how he looked at me as a baby, like I was the best thing since a fresh diaper.


Now I get the sideways stare like my parents have lost their ever living mind.


  I miss him wanting to always snuggle and watch movies.  I miss his misspoken words that were so cute, he still has some he spits out wrong from time to time, but not like when he was really little.  I miss his unsteady walking.  I just miss him being little. 

I know, I know come back to reality Jenny don’t you remember him having the worst colic known to man and all the nights you wished he would sleep…  Not to mention the fact that your hormones went so far out of whack that you had a steady hot flash for 3 years.  But look how cute ….

 Scan014 Scan009

How could I not miss his little squishy cheeks

I’ll get over it and I know he still likes to snuggle on his terms, but I just hope that it doesn’t end too soon because I am just not ready for him to be too big.

bub sleeping

Monday, November 23, 2015

November Ipsy Bag

make up monday new


Love the bag. It might be my favorite one ever that they have sent.


I did not try the Coolway spray stuff. I actually think I might send it to my sis-n-law. This is like the second time I have received something like this  for my hair??? I have straight fine hair and I hardly ever use hair spray…..What the french Ipsy…… Full size retails for $19.95.

Red lips

The eye shadow from INSPR is really nice and pigmented. It was also not powdery at all.  I was actually really surprised cause I did not have high hopes. I received the shade Carnival and it retails for $13.00.

I don’t know if the shade is a exclusive to ipsy or if this shade has not been released yet because it was not on their site??IMG_1142

Red lips

The next gem was the Model Co highlighting trio. They are super pigmented and could be used for highlight or the peach bellini & bronze shimmer for eye shadow. It retails for $22.00.



Red lips

The brush from SLMissGlam is super soft but I have only used it twice and it doesn’t pick up product very well which was a bummer. Maybe I just need to use it more?? It retails for $14.50.


Red lips

The Smashbox full exposure mascara wand is freaking ginormous!! Surprised smile And it transfers through out the day so it’s a no go for me. Full size retails for $20.00.


My lighting went a little squirrely hence why I look jaundice & ignore my rogue eyebrow please & thank you. Winking smile


Happy MondayRed lips

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Teeny Tiny Haul

Yesterday I finally left the house and went shopping with a friend.

We went to the Mall and I got some Christmas shopping done so I can't show that on the blog but I finally found a Fall mug when we ventured over to Pier One.

I have been on the hunt since the beginning of October and no one had any and I really did not want to order one.

I absolutely love it. It is simple and screams Fall and it was only $6.95!

Now I have something to drink my ick tea in (green tea with no sugar/honey per acupuncturists orders) Woot Woot!!

We also went to the new Home Goods. Can you believe I have never stepped foot in one. Reminds me of Marshalls/TJ Max but with only home stuff and I Am In LOVE with this place!!!

I got some Christmas stuff there too so can't show it but look at these yummy things I scored.

There website had really good reviews on their regular pancake mix and breads so I figured at $3.99 why not. I can not wait to try them and I will report back.

A mug and some carbohydrates....It's the little things in life that truly make me happy!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday!!! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Photo from Flckr

Well almost wordless!!

Sorry I have been MIA. I have just not had much to blog about lately and I have kind of felt defeated in the fight to get me back fixed and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer on the blog. I don't know smile

I am going on a acupuncture journey now and hopefully it helps because the injections did not. So far I have done two sessions and have started using all of the above.

Monday, October 19, 2015

October Ipsy Bag

Before I jump into this months bag just some randomness from this morning…

I made a smoothie and decided I would use a new recipe I pinned that called for greek yogurt.  I was all okay I have some of that cause that is what I give Ginger with her flaxseed. I made it and immediately was like um NO just NO why would I want to put something that tastes like sour cream in a smoothie…Sick smile Good thing Ginger loves that stuff cause I will never touch it again where smoothie making is concerned!!!!

So I poured that out and will stick with my Yoplait vanilla or strawberry/banana yogurt. I know it is not as “healthy” but you know I like to unhealthy stuff.


Much better!! smiley drinking

 (the candy corn in the shot did not go in the smoothie but that might have been pretty tasty)


& while I was taking pictures I noticed the little sun dial thingy where you can change the brightness of the picture…yeah that was probably added a bazillion updates ago but I have just never paid attention to it! Embarrassed smile I always go into another app to fix the lighting….

Hello my name is Jenny and I should not be allowed to own a iPhone!!!

smiley oops

Red lips

Okay now onto the makeup…

The theme for this months bag is alter ego. I somehow forgot to take a picture of the card but it is a girl with regular makeup and then a girl with vampire makeup. When you see the contents of the bag it doesn’t really go with it. I would expect like a bunch of Halloween themed makeup after seeing that card?? Ghost

Anywho the bag is a shiny gold on one side and a like patent leather black on the other. More of a New Years theme then a Halloween theme but maybe they were going for a Fall gold theme here?? I am so confused It is still cute so no biggie.


BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) fragrance free hand and body treatment. It truly is fragrance free. It smells like nothing but also doesn’t have that weird I’m fragrance free smell either. It is pretty light weight and sinks into the skin quick which is what I like in a hand cream so that is what I will be using it for. Full size retails for $11.95.


Medium eye shader brush from Royal & Langnickel.  Just a classic shader brush. It is soft and a pretty color so I will take it. Retails for $3.99.  (In the link above it will take you to a similar brush because I could not find the exact brush on their site which always kind of annoys me when this happens cause what if I wanted to buy another one that looked just like this one…sigh…)


Nourish Organic pure hydrating argan face serum. I did not even open this because it is going straight to my sis-n-law who has dry skin. I would probably look like a grease ball if I tried to use that. Full size retails for $23.99.


Benefit Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade Committed.  This has a vanilla mint flavor so if you don’t like minty lip products it may not be for you. It is a really pretty shade and goes on very comfortable and pretty much stays that way but after about 15 minutes of wearing it I looked in the mirror and it just made my lips look cruddy. I slapped some Victoria Secret lip balm over top and it saved it but I definitely would not wear this alone. The full size retails for $17.00. (side note I am not a fan of matte lip products of any kind so this may be fabulous for someone who loves them.)


Mica Beauty Cosmetics cream eye shadow in bronze. This is exclusive for Ipsy subscribers and I could not find any cream eye shadows on their site. Their normal bronze eye shadow retails for $14.95. It is really pretty and maybe this is something that could be used in a Halloween/Fall look but it is the only thing in the bag that would. Winking smile


Happy Monday Red lips