Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30x5 Monday and Tuesday Edition

Here is yesterdays walk. I made sure to get a picture of my foot and myself, so you did not think I paid someone to take pics of my child and walk my dog...because I would never do thatPhotobucket .

Ginger loved her spring time bottled water that my son poured for her. I told him to go get her some water and he went over to the water spicket, but came back with an empty bowl then proceeded to fill it with bottled water. I asked ,"what are you doing", he said ,"I rinsed the bowl out cause it was dirty and now I am getting her water" very-matter-of-fact like I was an idiot.

We interrupt this post for A little break to entice you with some yummy goodness, they are delish..


Here is today's walk. I went with my neighbor Suzanne, we had to walk a little ways apart because I am severely paranoid about Ginger's one eye. Hopefully if we start to walk the dogs together on a regular basis they will eventually be o.k. to walk side by side.

No pics of us today, for one Suzanne would kill me and from the morning I had, see below post, I looked pretty rough this morning. I usually do not allow photos of myself before noon, since I have been known to stay in my sweats or P.J.'s and could scare small children with my hairdo.. Doesn't eveyone stay in their jammies when they have nothing pertinent to do??

Check out Linda's blog today it is hilarious. Have a great day everyone and get out there and do your 30x5Photobucket

Crazytown Express


I am not the most patient person that ever lived, but I do try, really I do. It has been really difficult lately, because my sons latest complaints are driving me crazy. I have heard this everyday since Christmas break ended "I don't want to do my homework", "I don't want to go to school", "I don't want to get up", and then when I get impatient with him,"Your making my heart wrinkle"--Love that--just put a dagger thru my heart. I have gotten this every year since Pre-K. He is done after Christmas Break and just wants it over with. Believe me I am with him for the shear fact that I don't have to argue with him everyday about school related stuff.

This morning was great fun. First he stayed home yesterday, because he said his throat was bothering him. I think I was being played, he did lay around most of the day but was fine and playing by 1 p.m. It was too late to check him into school by then of course. I had told him last night the only reason he would stay home again is if he had a fever. Well this morning he started with, "My stomach hurts", when that did not work "My arm hurts", still was not working, "I have a bruise on my leg", seriously are you kidding me... I checked his temp. and it was 98 and I told him "Thanks for playin' our little game this morning come back anytime now get dressed". He was none too happy with me and then wanted to know "What if my stomach starts hurting real bad then what?". I told him, "The school had my number and I would be here all day, he would be fine". Finally he was dressed and we were in the car and talking, he was still complaining and we somehow got on the subject of when different schools start and he started crying because my nephew gets out of school a whole 20 minutes before he does. I tried to explain that J starts school earlier therefore he gets out earlier. He was not hearing it and proceeded to cry some more about. Nothing like dropping off a kid in tears. One ticket to Crazy Town please..

I found this book under my bed the other night and I am not sure why I never read it, but I will be reading it now: **I love the look on the M&M's face in the 2nd pic, kinda how I am feeling today**

You're Late Again, Lord: The Impatient Woman's Guide to God's Timing by Karon Goodman, "I wish I had a nickel for every time I've asked the Lord for patience..."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer's Please

Please Pray for Kayleigh, she was supposed to have surgery, but it was cancelled due to an infection her body is trying to fight. Thanks:)

Just a swingin' - 30x5

Does swinging count as exercise?? Me and Bub did some swinging yesterday:
Not sure why I did not look like I was having a good time on the second picture, Maybe because my bum was falling asleep. Seriously doesn't that happen to everyone..hmmm?

Bub had jumped off in this picture. Notice my great swinging form..LOL.

I also took Ginger for a very short walk, by short I mean like 5 minutes. I started coughing like crazy and had to turn around. She was not very happy so my son took her for many short walks around the front yard.

Not Me Monday ~ Stellan Style

Before I start my Not Me's I just want to let all of my blog friends who are not familiar with MckMama's "Not Me Monday's" to know that I have not lost my mind, have completely gone insane or am insensitive. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to see what it is all about. Basically you are saying you did not do all the things you really did do this week. Being Brutally honest.... So this week in honor of all her family has been thru with Baby Stellan Natalie @ http://www.onceuponacline.com/ thought it would be nice if we did a "Not Me! Monday ~ Stellan Style." -- Jess sent the info from the facebook page yesterday and here is what Natalie said:

**From Natalie ~ In honor of MckMama (Jennifer) and "Not Me Monday", I thought it would be so nice if we could all do our NMM post relating to Stellan. I.E. "I did not spend all day thinking of and praying for Stellan. I did not tell the woman in front of me at Target about him, and ask her to pray for him." **

She has set up a Mr. Linky on her website. So check over there and add your NMM posts there. That way, we'll let MckMama know that NMM is being covered and she can read about all of the many tremendous ways we love her, sweet Stellan and their entire family!

I have stalked visited many NMM posts, but never participated, not this week I will join in all in the name of Stellan.

I have NOT posted several posts asking for prayers for this sweet baby boy.

I have NOT joined two facebook's dedicated to praying for baby Stellan.

I have NOT been checking MckMama's blog everyday to check updates

I have NOT checked MckMama's Twitter to keep updated.

I have NOT been going to Angie's blog, Bring The Rain everyday to see if she knew anything new about Stellan,

I have Not been wishing I could give MckMama's family a big hug and wanting a magic wand that could take all the pain and frustration away from them

I have NOT looked through Stellan's name gallery with amazement at all the creativity people have come up with all in the name of Stellan.

I most certainly have been praying everyday that the good Lord was hearing our prayers and would lay his hands on baby Stellan and heal him quickly. Just could not put a Not in front of that one guys.

Those are the things I most certainly did not do this week, nope NOT me Photobucket .

Prayers for Stellan

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Giveaway Alert

My sis-n-law Patrice at Blessings Amid Chaos is having a giveaway. Here's the scoop:

Her pastor, Dr. Mark Gregory, just had his first book published, Net Trigger. And the best part she is giving one away.

Here is the book and it's description:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation receives an anonymous tip of an international technology company's plot to shut down the Internet and create a national security risk. They also obtain photographic negatives from a 24-year-old 35-millimeter camera depicting passengers struggling to survive a Convair 580 plane crash. The resolution of the crisis can only be found in the remains of the crash, deep in the Campeche jungle of Mexico. Though separated by decades, two timelines converge as Agent Darin Newsom and a team from Honduras search for the wreckage and the documents that can stop the countdown of the "net trigger."

Head on over to her blog to find out how to enter.

Contest ends sometime Wednesday evening and the winner will be announced on Thursday morning.

What If, Super Sunday

And now for Super Sunday:
It's time for Super Sunday! The Power of Your Love does this ever Sunday. Join in with just a song, a Scripture or a scene that is particularly touching to you to share and honor our Lord with on this day of Sabbath rest!!

John 7:38 (New International Version)
38Whoever believes in me, as[a] the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."

I love this song and I hope it helps anyone who is on the fence. Because What if you are wrong, what will it hurt to just believe??

What If by Nichole Nordeman

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hubby's night out

My DH went out last night with my sister's husband, my brother and some friends of my brother-n-law's and I was feeling a little bit better while he was gone and did not see sleep happening with the lovely cough I had going on so I vacuumed

and did some laundry, since it had began a nice mile high pile due to my sickness..ughh

I was testing out the whole if you clean your house you'll be skinny theory I had going on yesterday;) When I was done with everything I made a pot of coffee, because who doesn't need coffee at 8 p.m. at night right? Did you notice the mug, didn't I tell you I heart my puppy:)

and made Bub some Hot Chocolate, while he was playing a video game.

Bub ended up having to shut off the video game because we had a pretty bad storm last night with lots of lightning and he is not a fan of lightning so he made a hideout with blankets and our bean bag under the the couch's foot rests and that is where I found him asleep at 10 p.m. I pulled him out from under the foot rest for fear Ginger might jump down off the couch and pop him in the face.
All in all we had a very productive and relaxing time even though I did not go to bed till 1 a.m. because I could not sleep from all the coffee and coughing. Hubby got home at midnight and crashed on the couch, so it must have been a night of fun for him as well, but I bet it did not compare to how much fun we had..ahahaha.


O.k. the guilt was getting to me so I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill even though I was hacking my brains out. Chatty Kelly, H-Mama, and 2nd Cup of Coffee were great encourager's;)


As I was flipping thru the channels I decided to check out Fit TV, since some of the other bloggers had mentioned it. I am not one to watch other people exercise, but I thought they may give me some inspiration to stay on the treadmill since I felt like someone was trying to rip my throat out of my body. Would you believe I found a show similiar to Clean House on Fit TV called Neat. Not sure why they have a show about cleaning your house on a fitness channel, I guess if you declutter your house you'll be skinny..hmmm? Everyone quick go clean your house and see if you lose a pound, Wouldn't that be wonderful if it was true:)


O'Baby and my flutter-by rolls

In His Hands ~ Our Adoption Journey is hosting this carnival, if you would like to join in go grab a button and post a baby pic of yourself April 1st.

I made the flutterby rolls today even though I have a fever and am coughing my head off --- I think I see a mother of the year award in there somewhere-- anywho my son does not like icing on his he perfers it on the side so they have no icing or cherries on them.

Flutter By Buns

Flutter-By Buns, these are cute cinnamon buns shaped like butterflies.

I did not post the actual recipe since I don't know all the legal mumbo jumbo that goes along with that. Here is the link.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Shot

This is my favorite pic this week, because she looks so cute. I love my dog:) I like these two because the 1st is when the azaleas were just starting to bloom and the second is of it yesterday.

I put this one up just because it is almost Easter:)

Aches, Pains and Lemonade

Well last night was my son's play at school and he had started feeling better so we let him perform, although Mommy started feeling crummy right before we left. He did great in the play, but you could see in his face he was not feeling 100% and I started going downhill fast.
By the time we got home I felt horrible, my throat was burning and I was getting hoarse. I hacked all night and could not breathe very well and woke-up with a fever and pain I just can not describe in my throat. It hurts so bad I am seriously contemplating this, quickest relief is gargling 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 water, yuck.. I saw this on Lindsay's blog Suburban Turmoil a while back, That Tugging You Feel on Your Heartstrings? It's Me. Yeah, Hi.

But atleast my son is feeling better, he says he only has a little bit of a scratchy throat..He gave Mommy the worst of it I think, I am so glad he shared, NOT:(

So on any note here is where I will be most of the day when I am not on the computer.
This video is crummy, but it is the one I taped from my phone, but the song is fitting (I only got part of it):)

Update: the play was
See and hear the music.


Well I started my 30x5 challenge yesterday and got movin on my treadmill
as I was getting on my treadmill
and changing the channel to my favorite soap opera, General Hospital, I got this...

NOOOOO, why direct tv why:( So I looked for inspiration to walk which happens to sit on my treadmill, but I only see it if I actually get on it;)

Thank Goodness Clean House was on.

Oh Mrs. Niecy you saved the day. I got my 30 minutes in:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you need a good laugh

I sent my friend an e-mail today that had me laughing out loud and she posted it to her blog, so if you need a good laugh check it out:)
Motherhood has it's moments... Kinko Springs Tales

Move It

Todays the day to start Movin' it. Linda over at 2nd cup of coffee is hosting a project called "30 x 5." It starts today and runs for 2 weeks. All you have to do is move in some way, shape or form for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week for only 2 weeks. Then at the end we will link up and share in our success:)