Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer is almost here

We can lay in bed all day
Go for a dip in the pool
Catch some rays
Travel the open road
swing to our hearts content
Enjoy how beautiful Red is getting
Splash Mommy
Wait on second thought no splashing Mommy.

no more complaining about homework and getting up early and the best part we can stay in our jammies all day if we want.... Only 17 1/2 more days.


  1. Counting the days with you! June 4th!
    Blessings - Lisa

  2. Great post!! I however am not counting down the days. At this point in my life and in my kids life I really, really, really look forward to my four hours twice a week when my boys head out to their Mother's Day Out program : )

  3. Did you say travel the open road??? Oh boy, do I ever have a trip planned for you!!! HA! You said it not me!! Picture this, beautiful Tennessee in the middle of July......

  4. cute post.

    i thank God every morning i don't have to deal with the 'morning grind'. ;)

  5. I celebrate with you! Glad you're in for Phase 3 which starts today. We can do it!