Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why don’t people Raffle.

My sister-n-law put this post up last week and no one is really participating and I am not sure why?? There are some great items up for grabs. They are trying to raise money for a Mission Trip. Here is my post about Patrices Mission Trip if you need more information: Mission Trip Dos.

If you are able to help please check out her blog or advertise the button on your blog. Thanks…
From Patrices Blog
First, I want to thank everyone that donated to our Dominican Republic Raffle. If it were not for your generosity this raffle would not be possible!!
Here is what is up for grabs….
Melissa Ell from Melissa's Thoughts donated:
ironman cologne bondgirl 007
From Avon,
Iron Man Cologne & Bond Girl 007 Perfume
If you win, you will receive both of these. Check out her website to see what else Avon Has to offer.
April from To Live is to Love donated:
canvas4 canvas2
A canvas of your choice
Pick from one of these canvas’s or have her create one from a favorite verse that you have. She is very talented and full of inspiration and great ideas!
Meredith from Simplicity Simplified Donated:

A $50.00 Mark Kay Gift Certificate
Check out her website for more information.
Jill from Live, Laugh, Blog has donated:

A $100.00 Uppercase Living Gift Certificate
Check out her website for great ideas for your walls!
I am donating a Blog Design Worth $75

Check my blog to see some of my recent designs. If you are the winner, the only thing you are responsible for purchasing is a digital kit, usually between $3-$8.
Greg from Greg's General Store is donating:
Yellow_Day_Lily Chevron_Yellow_Star
5 Large Yellow Lilies, 5 Chevron Yellow Star Lilies
Crinim_Ellen_Bosanquet Old_Style_Orange
2 Crinim, 5 Old Style Orange
Pink_Rain_Lily Spider_Lilly
10 Pink Rain Lilies, 5 Spider Lilies
There are pictures of each bulb and underneath it the name of the bulb. Here is another recap of what you will receive:
5 Chevron Yellow Star (worth 25.00)
5 Large Yellow (worth 25.00)
5 Old style Orange (worth 25.00)

5 Spider Lily bulbs (worth 25.00)
2 Crinum bulbs (worth 40.00)
10 Pink Rain Lilly bulbs (worth 10.00)

A $150.00 Flower package!
So what do you have to do to get a raffle ticket? It’s simple…each raffle ticket is $5 and you can donate that by clicking the PayPal link at the top of my right sidebar. For each raffle ticket that you purchase, leave a comment so you will be registered for each ticket. Example: If you donate $15, make sure you leave three comments…easy peezy!
If you would like an additional entry above and beyond from purchasing a raffle ticket, take this button:
The raffle will run for one week, ending on June 3rd. She will announce the winners on June 4th. This is from her blog so you will have to go over there to enter.
Thanks have a Super Sunday :)

This is the Full Version of yesterdays song. If you would like to link up head over to Peggy's for Super Sunday
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  1. I didn't buy any raffle tickets because if I won, she'd have to ship things to me which could be quite costly.