Friday, August 14, 2009

Mission Re-Organization Part Deux

My first attempt was here Remodel and a Dilemma


I made Bub go thru clothes the other day that a neighbor had given to us, he was not thrilled but he did it and now all of his clothes are ready for the 1st day of school.  I on the other hand am still not ready for the early mornings and many arguments over homework that are to come.

I decided I would go ahead and try to clean out my craft cupboard and go thru some more papers from school that way I would have a little bit of a jump start before the beginning of the school year starts.

My craft cupboard threw up on my guest bed…Nice 


remind me not to buy any more construction paper, because I clearly do not need any P1050099

Look how clean


If only it could stay this way..will never happen…


Remember this stack of stuff I needed to go thru


Well here it is now and look it has gone down quite a bit, everything in here is now art only. 


A friend of mine gave me an idea to take pictures of the art work then trash the ones that are not that sentimental that way I am not keeping all of this, but I still have a picture of it. I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Here is the drawer where all his other papers are, I was exhausted so this is a job for another day and then I will start my scrapbook.  I am thinking for the scrapbook I will keep a writing paper, math paper and tests from the start of the school year and then one from the last part of the school year that way there is a comparative.  What do ya think?


Of course anytime you reorganize one thing you open a closet and realize something else needs to be reorganized as well, sooo onto my guest room closet…cue the crying…😭

ugh I hate this closet.





Still not as organized as I want it, but one day I will buy those closet organizers and it will look Fantastic.  Ya know one day…….And yes those are Ginger’s Halloween costumes hanging up she has 3 and a Santa outfit

Then I moved on to the Linen closet, oh how I detest this closet, even more than the guest bedroom closet…cue the crying again please….😭


Thank goodness for these bad boys


Looks better right?   Man I need some closet organizers……



  1. Wow - you are energetic! I recently re-organized my youngest room & drawers, to make room for new school clothes as well.

    Must be that time of year.

  2. At least you got it done before school started. Now, when Bub is gone to school you can chill and watch tv all day :}

    You know that is what our kids are thinkin' :}

  3. that is exactly what i need to be doing. i did my sons closet and room the other day, but thats as far as i got. boys are a lot easier than girls. my 2 teenage daughters closets? oh my, they are fashion divas and have tons of accessories, it just stresses me out to go through it all, and they will never do it on their own. ugh. thanks for reminding me what i need to be doing. i have soooo been avoiding it.

  4. Amen to not looking forward to the early mornings and the homework arguments! I hate homework! I don't want the summer to end.

    Good job on the reorganizing. I did a bit of this at the beginning of the summer. My goal before school starts is to get my hubby's shop vac in here and vacuum the house from top to bottom! Under furniture and in all the nooks and crannies! The dog hair and this dusty old house are killing me.

  5. I too am in a purging and organzing frenzy!! I should have taken the before and after.
    Hmmm-- maybe in the next room, I will. :)

    Have a great day.