Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Do I Even Bother

Me and my son had a great morning
got up - great
had breakfast - great
got dressed - great
went to Lowes, out to lunch and then to the money stealer (i.e. Grocery Store) – great
Get home and it’s time to put groceries away --------Not So Great
I come in the house to him sprawled out on the kitchen floor because he is soooooooo tired and did not feel well after putting away 3 bags of groceries….
Wow really it’s not like I don’t have to put away groceries at least twice a week by myself….
Anywho I did not feel like dealing with the drama of it all so I told him to move out of the floor and go lay down so I could at least maneuver around the kitchen.
I am on my last bag of groceries and his friend comes over and wants to play and of course I tell him he can’t because he is laying down…I mean he was soo tired and all.
Guess who was not tired anymore.
I will give you three guesses, but I am sure you will only need one.
And he thought it would be cute to say well you said I need to get more exercise…Ummm seriously your gonna throw that in my face right now.
Not only did he play me, but he was also sassing at me too. I was already a tad bit ticked off that I had just put all the groceries away by myself. 
I mean hello I was tired too.
Well since he was so wide awake and needed to burn some calories I sent him to his room to clean it.
*****Insert Evil Laugh*****

I guess next time he feels he has the right to do whatever he wants
He will think twice.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am telling you, kids are ANIMALS!! :o)

  2. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!! You GO Girl!!!

  3. kids, they are all the same! i like your name for the grocery stealer...LOL!