Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some funny hystersisters advice

This article is pretty funny 
15 things we have learned after hysterectomy.  
Here are some highlights I think are great:

WalMart (ie: Hellmart depending on who you ask ;)---Just Say NO! New Princesses should avoid WalMart like the plague!!! There is something like a black hole in that store that will suck you in with its seductive charms, then spit you out in pain with your knees buckling and a cold sweat on your brow! Resist the sheets, cute sandals, and toilet brushes are just not worth it. If you're not well enough to be at work, you're not well enough to be at WalMart. Besides, if one of those 'falling prices' hits you on the head, you could get amnesia and forget where you parked the car you weren't supposed to be driving yet.

If you watch too many cooking shows on TV, you gain weight just from the power of suggestion. Or maybe it's from the calories being transferred by osmosis through the TV screen.

Chocolate IS one of the major food groups, and a new Princess can knock off a carton of chocolate Heavenly Hash ice cream faster than it can melt in the microwave.

Friends who say, "Call me anytime." are never home. EVER!

Men go through MENopause too, and they often choose our recovery time in which to do it. Another attempt to make themselves the center of attention?

In a Brain Fog moment, before looking all over the house for your sunglasses: check the top of your head first!

Don't fool yourself into thinking that you'll never get bored with "Lifetime for Women" movies.

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  1. This is great!!! I agreed with EVERY single one of them. :)
    I didnt know that you had a hysterectomy, wish i could bring you some chicken and dumplings that I made today. Get better soon and take your time resting, don't hurry it. Everyone told me that but I didn't I'm telling you LISTEN! :) Take care and pamper yourself.