Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

weekly wrap-up

I have not done one of these in a while . I am such a slacker.

This week started with some relaxation on Sunday.


Hubs and Bub went to the movies so Mommy had some me time and did laundry.

Monday was kinda a run around like a crazy women day. I went to the chiropractor, hellmart, grassroots, michaels, kohls, dollar tree, kay jeweler & tarjay in a matter of 4 hours. I was so done by the time I got home but I had to unload everything out of my car and turn around to get Bub from school and go get my oil changed since my light had been on for over a week. Popped over to pinch a penny and then walgreens real quick.

I finally got home settled in to just chill and relax from the long day and realized hellmart had double charged meCrying face. So back out I went in the rain. To say I was tired would have been a understatement. I was more delirious then anything.Smile with tongue out

Tuesday was the big day when my son was promoted out of elementary school.  We were both getting ready at the speed of light so we would be there on time.

When tragedy struck:


Seriously??????? the blush on the right is the thing hellmart double charged me for and the other bronzer I had just bought Tuesday toSleepy smile. I got mad for all of a couple seconds put my big girl panties on and went about getting ready cause this was gonna be a fun day and I was not gonna let a little makeup ruin it.

This is a picture of Bubat Kindergarten graduation and then Sixth grade graduation. So proud of him. He got AB honor roll all year and received the presidential award.


I shocked myself and did not cry at all during the ceremony. I had cried the day before when I had to return to hellmart so maybe I got all my crying outWinking smile.

Bub had his girlfriend over after the ceremony and they had lunch together and hung out at the house. Young LoveRed heart.

Wednesday was Bub’s last day of school and the big Luau for the sixth grade. Island with a palm tree


While Bub was dancing his heart away at school I decided I would google how to fix my broken makeup. I went to several sites and fixed those bad boys right up. I will show you how on Makeup Monday. I also made up some homemade beachy sea salt hairspray. I was being all Martha Stuart.

sea salt spray

One of my BFF’s also had her baby that day as well. I was so stinkin happy for her.Open-mouthed smile

Thursday was a sit and relax all day kind of day because we live in FL and you know what FL has……Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

Lucky us.


Today we will be doing a whole lot of what we did yesterday. Thanks Tropical Storm AndreaStorm cloud.

Have a great weekendSmile


  1. Oh, how I wish you had posted about fixing the makeup before I tossed out a whole collection of broken eye shadow the other day! I was TICKED! Ugh
    2 trips to Hellmart in one day? That's just wrong.

    1. Oh no I wish I had posted earlier to. I was shocked how easy it was. The full post will be up Monday on how to fix them for the next time though. Yes, Hellmart is only meant to have to go into once or twice a month if that.