Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bzz–Lysol Power & Free Cleaners

Look what came in the mail today


Bzz Agent sent me the Lysol Power & Free multi-purpose cleaner and multi-purpose wipes for free to test out. They come in two scents, Citrus Sparkle Zest and Oxygen Splash.


On the back of the bottle it states that the hydrogen peroxide formula releases thousands of micro bubbles that penetrate to dissolve grease and soap scum.  This can be used to wash washable walls, garbage pails, countertops, sinks, stovetops, cabinets, showers, toiler bowl exterior….The list goes on and on. They also kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Since my son has a summer cold and is insistent on sharing it with me I already planned to disinfect some bathrooms this morning. So I was ready to test this bee out..←bahahaha see my funny thereOpen-mouthed smile.


So I started with the multi-purpose wipes in my sons bathroom.  I got them in the scent Oxygen Splash.  Not the best scent out there,but not the worst either. Here is a before of the sink and countertop.


I don’t know if you can even tell but the sink and faucet was dirty with toothpaste left overs and the counter had some sort of film from I guess brushing his teeth??

After using the wipes


To me they worked great and got the job done. These are comparable to Clorox wipes which I usually use. I would definitely repurchase.

Next up I decided to clean my outdoor table with the multi-purpose cleaner which I got in the scent Citrus Sparkle Zest..Much better scent.  When I buy the wipes again I will get it in this scent.


This table is on my back porch where my lab also resides so it always gets extremely dirty. Don’t judge it is nasty ya’ll Embarrassed smile.





Ummm Ewwwwww. This was just one of the towels Embarrassed smile.


This product worked beautifully. Although this table will never be stark white like when I bought it because it is outdoors it still cleaned it very well.

So all in all I think both of these products are great for indoor cleaning and they did not agitate my skin like some cleaners do. So if you are in the market for a new cleaner I would give this one a shot.

Happy CleaningRolling on the floor laughing

**I was sent this product for free to test, but these are my personal opinions**


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  1. I love citrus scent! Gotta try these babies out.