Monday, August 5, 2013

Makeup Monday-Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze

Makeup Monday

On Friday I went into Walgreens to get toothpaste and came across this



It is called Three’s A Party and they are from the Wet-N-Wild Pop Art Craze color icon trio collection. I am not sure how I will wear this, but they were GA Bulldog colors so I had to have. My friend suggested it would be great for a zombie look for Halloween. So maybe I will have to test them out on BubWinking smile

I also picked up Hard Being The It Girl because I really like the Brow bone and Eyelid shades.



They were $2.99 so if you want some fun colors for special events or if you like to wear bold colors everyday these are definitely on the cheap and pretty good quality.

Happy MondayRed lips


  1. Do they have Gator colors? ;-)

    1. LOL. I think if you mix the blue in "I'm Seeing Triples" with the orange in "A Regular At The Factory" you would achieve close to the FL Gator colors ;)