Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We Are Back In Business

I was really starting to wonder if our pool would ever be ready & with Summer vacay right around the corner I may have been having mini panic attacks it would never happen!!Confused smile
Remember last year when this happened??

Which resulted in this happening:
Which may have resulted in me drinking a few of these!Martini glass
Good Times Good Times…..
If you missed all the fun it is herehere for your viewing pleasure Rolling on the floor laughing
It has been a long process to put it back up that started on March 16th.
There was a lot of digging, supervising Matt & myself, muscle aches, Advil, giving up, trying again, leveling, measuring & finally getting all hands on deck to put this beast back up.
Matt was secretly hoping he would have his new giant sandbox for forever!!

But we did it and it looks great! Bub has already been in for a swim twice Smile

Now if school would just be over so we could start our fun filled days at the poolIsland with a palm tree.

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