Thursday, July 17, 2014

Miracle Cake Goodness

This is happening right now in my kitchen.  Yes I am taking you along as I make this miracle cake :)

Don't yell at me spelling police. I know dessert is spelled wrong. I just printed the cookbook I didn't make it ;)

So this is the easiest recipe ever & I am sure you have heard of it.

Miracle Cake

Ingredients are:
1 box of any cake mix
1 can of any type filling
3 large eggs

Mix everything together.

Pour in miracle dish or I believe any dish that is microwave safe with a lid will work.

Cook uncovered in microwave for 15 minutes. (Which is what is happening right now as I type)

Take out and place lid on for approx 5 minutes.

Here are some variations of this cake while I wait 5 minutes:

Vanilla cake mix and blueberry filling
Spice cake mix and apple filling
Yellow cake mix and apple filling (which is what I am making)
Yellow cake mix and peach filling
Streusel cake mix and apple filling
Chocolate cake mix and cherry filling
Spice cake mix and pumpkin filling

You really can't mess this up with any combo!

Okay back to the recipe at hand:

Then flip and serve on lid while still warm. (This step is with this dish I can't promise it will work for any old dish but you could flip it into a serving dish).

Serve with favorite ice cream. (We are all out cause Bub ate it all. I wonder if these count..)

Just kidding...well maybe not that might taste good ;)

Bub gave it a thumbs up!

Yes he is still in his pjs and has bed head. The life of a teenager during the summer :)

The good thing about the princess house miracle dish is if you have any left just plop the dish back on the lid and flip it over to store!

Enjoy :)

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