Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lorac Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set

Just popping in just in case you received the Ulta 20% off coupon that includes prestige and you are still pondering what to use it for.

I tend to always get limited edition sets when they include the prestige items in their coupons. I guess cause I know I will always be able to get the other stuff but I may never find certain products again and usually they are at a better deal.

Anyway enough rambling.

During my shopping trip on Tuesday I picked up the Lorac Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set I have been eyeing since it was released back in October.


It was $38 and with the coupon and some reward point money I got it for $28.96. smiley dancing

I had some money from Christmas because I had to return some items so this was really a late Christmas present from the hubs. That’s my story and I ‘m sticking to it!Winking smile

After I got it I did some swatching which I forgot to take pics of and there is a blue in this palette similar to the new semi sweet chocolate bar palette but way better pigmented and a gold that is similar too.


Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar           &       Lorac Countess

↓                                               ↓


There is also a blue in the duchess one as well that is similar especially when applied to the eyes! (No swatch cause I suck!)


Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar         &       Lorac Princess

↓                                                    ↓


It actually has a lot of colors that are comparable to the semi sweet palette and the new lorac unzipped gold I think.

You can go here to see more swatches of the royal eye shadow palette’s since I forgot to take pics of all of them.

Olivia Pupo Swatches Of Lorac Royal Eyeshadow Palette’s

It was actually hard to find a blog post with swatches for this. I guess a lot of people just skipped over this gem.

Here are links to swatches for the semi-sweet chocolate bar and the lorac unzipped gold to just for reference.

Temptalia Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Temptalia Lorac Unzipped Gold

They are all great palette’s but if you want to spend a little less and get basically some of the same colors that are just as pigmented if not more then I would definitely check to see if your Ulta still has this set before your coupon expires on the 31st.


Happy Shopping Red lips

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