Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up Pet Edition

A clean Matt equaled a very happy Matt on Friday night.


Because that meant he got to spend the night inside.


Which also meant Matt’s bed came in for a wash and that always makes Ginger happy.Rolling on the floor laughing


Matt did go out for a bit to help Daddy with yard work Saturday


but he managed to not get to dirty so he could come back in for another slumber party.Sleeping half-moon


Tilda was not thrilled the big black dog was in for the weekend so she stayed in our room most of the time only coming out to sniff him, use the potty and meow at him every now and then. Cat face


She was very happy when he went back out to his doggy mansion on Sunday so she could snuggle on the bean bag.


I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning, vacuuming and organizing the guest bedroom some more. The pile of stuff to go through is getting smaller. Woot Woot!! smiley dancing

organizing continues

And since it is Makeup Monday here is a look I did with the Lorac Duchess palette that I showed last week.

lorac eye look

Muah Red lips 

smiley kisses

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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