Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Teeny Tiny Shopping Spree/PSA

This is a super tiny "haul" ← total honesty I hate that word. I am not pulling or dragging stuff home with effort and I rarely have to force someone to go shopping so haul just has never made much sense to me?? But I also dislike shopping spree sooo what do I call it?

I digress...

First item up is some items from Desert Essence. I love this brand. I use their shampoos & oils. They had a sale in January on their organic products so I scooped up these three items.  I have used the Jojoba and Jojoba & Coconut before but the Jojoba, Coconut & Coffee oil is new. I figured it was worth a shot since Coffee stimulates the skin and with summer around the corner might as well start tightening up that lovely cellulite we all have..Right!

Then yesterday I was at Marshals and spotted this for $9.99. I have always wanted to try BH Cosmetics brushes cause I was too much youtube and everyone says they are good!

I mainly wanted it for the 101 brush because it is supposed to be like the original sigma E40 that everyone raves about. I got the E40 but after they changed it and to be honest the new version is scratchy and not very fluffy. I hardly ever reach for it.Smile with tongue out

All the brushes are soft and I have already tested out the large & small shader brush, pencil brush and the 101 blending brush and I love them all!  So if you can find it at Marshall's or TJ Maxx scoop it up. You can also get this package on BH cosmetics for $10.00 + shipping or on Amazon for $11.00 + 4.99 shipping. 


Okay now for the PSA

If you are in the market for a new mascara and are think about picking up the Bare Minerals Lash Domination,,,


For $19 it's not worth it to me. You could find a drugstore mascara that works better.

Unless you like transferring, clumpy lashes and are not sensitive to chemical smells then maybe it's  right up your alley. 

It transfers like crazy and the smell (GAG) plus the clumping! Um no just no!!!
Mine was new so unless it was old from sitting on the shelf in the store I am not sure why it had such a chemical smell. I like most of my other bare mineral products but this was definitely a fail for me. 

So there ya go that is my microscopic spree/haul/please give me another word for this and PSA. I hope you all (what 5 of you Winking smile) have a fantastic Tuesday. Red lips

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  1. So fun!
    I recently got the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I really like it!