Friday, January 13, 2017

Dropped The Ball Already

Yesterday I totally did not pickup my Nikon at all..I know 12 days in and I am already failing at my goal but I was starting to feel like I might be getting the crud so I chilled on the couch most of the day.

I did get a few pics of Matilda with my iPhone though so did not fail at picture a day goal. LOL

matilda 2 perfect punch correct exposure and some bright and airymatilda perfect punch correct exposure and some bright and airy

Today I did better! I even took all my Christmas presents out of the packaging which sometimes takes til the end of January. Sooo woo to the hoo for me!! Open-mouthed smile

Brad got me this cool little set up from cowboy studios to take my pics of products and guess what came in the mail today…IPSY. smiley dancing

new set up

New set up 2

My favorite thing about this set up is the carrying case and how compact it is.

case 2

Everything literally folds down to this ↓


There are pockets for both lights and a little tripod that it comes with as well.

case 3

Pretty cool right!

I will have all the products I received in my IPSY bag on Mondays blog post. I know I am mean muhahahaha.Winking smile


  1. Matilda you look like supermodel!!
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS we didn't know you mom had another blog.

    1. Awe thanks :) Yep Mama has had her blog fur a bazillion years ;)