Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just Over Here Holding My Breath

Both guys were sick as dogs all weekend so my life pretty much looked like these pictures plus lots of laundry, wiping everything down with Lysol AGAIN and very little sleep!Sick smile

Everyone sick 1 Bejeweled V1

Don’t you love our older then dirt hot mist humidifier and nebulizer. I think it is time for some new equipment. The nebulizer literally sounds like the space shuttle taking off when you turn it on. rocket-312767_640

Everyone sick 2 Bejeweled V1

My son’s permanent spot all weekend since he had to be hooked up to the rocket ship several times a day. (I told him not to go out in the cold right after he had gotten over a virus but what do we Mom’s know nothing apparently I type as I roll my eyes!)

Bub sick Bejeweled V1

Tilda thought the weekend was the bestest ever cause the bed was never made and that made for nice comfy naps.

Matilda hand edits and bejeweled V2

Here is hoping next weekend is better and all these germs get the heck out of my house!!

Happy TuesdaySmile

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