Monday, January 2, 2017

My Only New Year Resolution

Use my Nikon DSLR more!!


My Uncle Ed was a professional photographer and I just know he is looking down from heaven shaking his head at me every time I snap a picture with my iPhone when just a few feet away from me my Nikon sits collecting dust.

Ever since I got my Nikon I only break it out for special occasions and this year that is gonna stop. I am going to take more pictures with it and really learn my camera settings better. So I think I might start a Project 365 where I take a photo a day with it. (I missed yesterday but we will just pretend I didn’t!Winking smile) I plan to post them here either daily or a collage of what I have taken weekly.

Our phones are just soo convenient but I have to break this habit!!


So what is your New Year Resolution?


  1. Ohh the iPhone camera quality is so good though!

    1. LOL I know right but I gotta quit neglecting my camera ;)