Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wordy Wednesday–Pool Time

It has been very HOT hot down here. Even with the rain we are in the 90’s.Sun

This summer is gonna be a hotter then hades so you will be able to find me here most days.

Pool Time (Flutterbye Chronicles)

With my new little blue bird friend.

My pool buddy (Flutterbye Chronicles)

It sits on top of our bradford pear every time I am out in the pool.

My pool buddy (Flutterbye Chronicles)

I swear I must have been Cinderella in my previous life cause I attract all the animals.


My pool buddy (Flutterbye Chronicles)

My pool buddy (Flutterbye Chronicles)

Per usual I want to name it. Winking smile


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aw I love it!
    It was like 40 here yesterday. Envious of that pool.

    1. I am just now seeing this...worst blogger ever :/ I wish it was 40 here today cause our AC decided to die on me. Thank goodness my Dad came to the rescue but it was a rough 5 hours til it was fixed.