Monday, November 27, 2017

Maple Holistics Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Maple Holistics reached out to me several weeks ago to try some of their products and since I am all about natural hair care I was like sign me up. Winking smile I decided to go with their tea tree oil shampoo since my hair can be oily and is sensitive. I also got their silk 18 natural hair conditioner as well. I have been using them since November 8th so I think that has given me plenty of time to have some thoughts on these two products.

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The Degrease Tea Tree Oil Shampoo has a very natural woodsy scent to me. It kind of reminds me of frankincense even though there is none in it so it must be the rosemary mixed with the tea tree & lavender that is giving off that vibe. Either way I personally like the scent. I used it for a week with the silk 18 conditioner and for some reason it made my hair over produce oil. I can usually get away with washing my hair every other day but could not with this combo so I switched back to my regular coconut shampoo and used it with the silk 18 conditioner and that worked perfect. I do still like the tea tree oil shampoo though but more for a clarifying shampoo so I have been using it once a week to get any build up off my hair.


The Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner is definitely my favorite. It straight up smells like yellow cake batter and makes my hair so soft. This might be replacing my all time favorite Desert Essence coconut conditioner and ya’ll know how much I love that stuff. A bonus that I just realized while perusing their site is for every bottle sold Maple Holistics donates $1 to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. How awesome is that!!!


They have page on their site so you can try their products as well. Just go to their site HERE and fill out the form.

Sorry for two posts today but while I was grabbing links for this post I saw they were having a sale on their site for Cyber Monday and I did not want anyone to miss out if they wanted to take advantage.

Happy Monday again Red lips


  1. So cool that they donate to domestic violence! That is near to my heart.

    1. It is so awesome. They also do this with some of their other products as well.