Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wordy Wednesday (Halloween)

I made my son into Pennywise this year and spent pretty much the end of September through the day before Halloween making his costume. I watched a bazillion tutorials and even when I was half way through his makeup the day of which took 5 hoursDisappointed smilestill thought this isn’t gonna turn out how I want it too, but it did and he was a hit in our friends graveyard. We took inspiration from both movies and the book so that is why he has multi colored balloons, more redish hair and his costume is a combo of regular clown meets old harlequin clown.

Bub (pennywise) copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Bub (pennywise) copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Bub (pennywise) copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles

He looks like a one of my friends animatronics in this picture. LOL

Bub (pennywise) copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles

I decided to have a little fun with some of the pictures I took and place him in some composites. Thanks to some guidance from one of my FB photography groups I perfected them and I am pretty proud of myself. LOL

Pennywise (Bub) in Satana Dykes Creepy Halloween (copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Background for this picture was free from Santana Dykas in my FB photography group.

Pennywise (Bub) in drain (copyright Jenny Bell @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

I know this post is a little late but I hope you all had a Happy Halloween Vampire batGhost


  1. He looked great!! So realistic!

    1. Thank you :) I told him I need a good year or two before I have to sew again. LOL