Friday, August 17, 2018

Flashy Friday

flashy friday (©Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 31 Street: Life in your town through the lens.

Week 31 Street Portrait (©Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Week 32: Colorful Landscape – These are some I took on one of our outings in March that I jazzed up the color in.

week 32 colorful landscape 1 (©Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

week 32 colorful landscape 2 (©Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)


I am going to be skipping Week 33- Collaboration because at the moment I don’t really have a photographer to collaborate with and Week 34- Child Portrait because my man child is no longer a small child which is what this prompt wanted and I don’t feel comfortable putting other peoples children on my blog anymore since it is becoming the norm for some people to steal watermarked/copyrighted images from blogs which is unfortunate. So I will pick up with Week 35 on August 31st. SmileCamera

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