Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great day of fun and remodel:)

The boys had a really great day of riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and video games. Me and hubby were trying to rearrange our guest bedroom and get rid of some old furniture and bring in some new I had bought at Tarjay last week. (I will post pics on that at a later date when the finished product is done and I can sit in this chair longer without my back killing me:)
Bike fun (my poor nephew rode his bike so much today his bum hurts:)
Boys playing video games (notice Ginger being overly thrilled by all of this)
Hubby trying to throw his back out again, does he ever learn:{

He was trying to leave the scene of the crime:)

After making fun of Brad in this chair and moving furniture all day I think I jinxed myself because my back is messed up now...ughhh.. I guess I am the Glory Grabber! now Patrice:)

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  1. Love that redneck ladder!!! I use one all the time!! Too funny.