Friday, September 18, 2009

Never Forgotten My Friend


Butterflies In Heaven

When we lose our loved ones they never die
For I know once heaven takes their souls
The Dear Lord leaves a little of them here
To turn into beautiful butterflies
So they can be near our hearts

Blessed are those who can see the beauty
Of the life which has gone to what is 'God's Art'
When we look for the angels
They will send us Jesus' love
I saw a butterfly today, my last prayer I gave away

Heaven is more than souls of our loved ones
When a father, mother, a brother, sister or a child dies
Their hearts live in those who have loved them
Every grain of sand, every sunrise and sunset
All the good things we know and love
They all go to Jesus for Him to protect

As a gift, The Lord, lets us have a glimpse of those we love
For a brief moment in time, for a short while
A butterfly is seen at our window, sent from heaven
Then we know, all will be well with those we love.

Linda Ann Henry 2005

She is always with me!!



  1. That is a wonderful post but it made me sad to read. Keep her memory alive.

  2. That's beautiful! When my brother passed away I said he was a soul set free to fly and there was nothing more beautiful than a flutterby and every time we have a family gathering, when both my sons were born, he came fluttering never fails!
    I'm convinced he is a flutterby and he flutters by to check on us and remind us that he is still here!

  3. That was a nice post Jenny! I'm sorry it took me two weeks to sit down and read it. Mindy is certainly alive in your heart and the rest of her family! I rejoice knowing that one day you will see her again in heaven, and I will get to meet this dear friend whom I've heard so much about.