Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Having a Moment


The other day me and the family were watching old movies of my son at various Christmas’s.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching my son watch himself when he was really little.  He thought it was funny that he was such a Ham in front of the camera and every time he saw it he would smile real hard and squint his little eyes. 

But a part of me was sad.  I miss how he looked at me as a baby, like I was the best thing since a fresh diaper.


Now I get the sideways stare like my parents have lost their ever living mind.P1040542

  I miss him wanting to always snuggle and watch movies.  I miss his misspoken words that were so cute, he still has some he spits out wrong from time to time, but not like when he was really little.  I miss his unsteady walking.  I just miss him being little. 

I know, I know come back to reality Jenny don’t you remember him having the worst colic known to man and all the nights you wished he would sleep…  Not to mention the fact that your hormones went so far out of whack that you had a steady hot flash for 3 years.  But look how cute ….



 Scan014 Scan009


How could I not miss his little squishy cheeks

I’ll get over it and I know he still likes to snuggle on his terms, but I just hope that it doesn’t end too soon because I am just not ready for him to be too big.

bub sleeping


  1. Makes me so sad about how fast time flies!

  2. There are still some snuggle times left! As long as you don't want to snuggle with the friends around :}

    They do grow up so fast - can't believe my babies will soon be 15 & 16. EEeeeeekkkkkk!

  3. It seems in a flash my babies became grown!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. They change so fast. I know you treasure each and every precious moment. My baby will be 25 in February. Oh my! Thanks for sharing the pictures. They brought a smile. Blessings, SusanD

  5. hello another jenny;)

    i know what you mean up there...i myself tells my 4yr old to stop growing! because right now im missing her being a baby already. time truly flies so fast that's why we have to treasure every single moment. lucky me to be a SAHM just like have more time with her than working moms could with their kids.

    BTW, im actually just blogwalking. glad to wind up here! hope you can come visit my blogs too=)
    earthy me
    life round me N you