Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ooooo Rum

I was all prepared to make me some Comeback Sauce yesterday morning when I opened my cabinet and thought it was high time I cleaned this hot mess


I had already started on the bottom by this point so you missed out on all the grossness down there…

Your Welcome

Valentines Candy From Last year…Hmm wonder if it is still good to use this year….


Kidding….Well kinda kidding cartoon-hearts-eating-candy

How did I miss this morsel of goodness and not eat the whole thing in one sitting?


Party at my house…How do you loose a bottle of Coconut Rum?….Either way I found it..Score .

The ever fun part of having to taste the cereal to see if it’s stale…Groooossssss & it was.  Why do I keep buying cereal no one eats?


Oh look the grape jelly I swore I bought and no one could find


I do not I repeat do not need anymore chicken stock. If you see me in the store and I have some in my hand.  Smack me, say no and walk away. (kidding about the smacking part…please don’t hit mewink okay ).  On the other hand I am in desperate needs of side dishes.


All done.  It looks better in person then it does in this picture.


Then I turned around & almost had a mini melt down because I thought I was going to have to cram these back into the pantry…


Then I remembered what started this whole thing…Comeback Sauce.



  1. I say send the candy to school...they will never know!!! HAHA!! So how was the comback sauce?

  2. I was cracking up at the end! Ha! That is SO something I would do....go on a cleaning spree while looking for something.