Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

weekly wrap-up 3

Well the week started off with my Hubby’s birthday.

We got him a Grill he has been wanting.


While we were putting it together this little guy showed up



Hubby finished up the grill while I looked for his owner by car and on foot. 


I figured it was raining and he was scared so no biggie he could stay a while and when it stopped raining his owner would be looking for him.


Yeah I was way wrong on that one. 

After calling every vet in the county the next day, all the shelters, getting him scanned for a chip, putting an ad on Craig’s list and putting signs up at the local store I got….

Nadda, Zip, Zilch, Nothing


Look at this face.  I mean HELLO wouldn’t you miss him if he was gone.

Ughhh I felt so bad for him.  So I gave him a bath, de-fleaed the poor baby and waited to see if maybe just by chance I would get something on craig’s list by the end of the week.

Nope all we got was a nice rash on this poor little man who my son has now named “Matt”. (Why Matt who knows…I was thinking Buddy, Rex, Mac, Dino Dog, Godzilla, but no Matt)



So now he is on Benedryl per the vet and we are hoping for the best.

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  1. Yippeee, a new dog named Matt for you!! I am so happy for you!! {{{Snickering}}}