Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

weekly wrap-up 3

This week we have been rather Lazy.  The only time we left the house was Monday and Today to go to the Chiropractor and the grocery store.IMG_6358




Just for fun I opened up our Animal Crossing Wii game and we have been playing it all week during our laziness.  Even though it is a kiddish game it is super addictingWinking smile.

↓It has been like two years since we have played it..LOL↓


Tilda was cracking us up. She was very into the game.


Today I got two packages in the mail and since I did not do a Makeup Monday..Here is a Makeup Friday videoRed lips

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  1. I seriously thought the little dog was a pig! lol
    I have been super lazy today, and I've enjoyed it.