Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Em Cosmetics First Impression

I finally got this video to load. I swear youtube hates me. I shot it with my iphone because it was handy when it arrived in the mail so excuse the quality.

This is just a "unboxing" of some of the products I ordered from Michelle Phan's new makeup line Em Cosmetics.  This past weekend she ran a special. You could buy a lipstick, liner & receive a sample life palette (warm fuzzies) for $27.50 with free shipping. Which came out to $29.42 plus tax. I thought that was a pretty good deal to try her new line.

The Lipstick is in the color Misty Mauve. After wearing it for several hours I am really liking it. It is a very creamy formula and feels very nice on your lips.

The Waterliner eyeliner is in the color amazing gray. I have only worn this for about 3 hours today so I am not sure how it will hold up all day. But with that being said it is doing a great job.  It has nice pigment and staying power so far. It also glides on pretty well and does not pull at your eyes so that is always a plus.

I have not tried the sample life palette in warm fuzzies, but I will let you know when I do.

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