Monday, March 23, 2015

Makeup Organizing and Storage

make up monday new

Yesterday I decided it was high time I organized, sorted and purged some of my makeup.

I may or may not need makeup hoarders anonymous! Smile with tongue out

This little gem holds all of my makeup. It was my husbands grandmothers and I believe it was actually her mothers as well so its pretty old and I absolutely adore it.


I used to have all my makeup under my sink and then I had it in a silver makeup train case as I got more palettes but when we finally brought this home from being at my brother-n-laws I was beyond happy cause I finally had a place to get ready and that was designated for my makeup.

Red lips

On top I have a bunch of little storage books from Michaels that holds all my glosses, lip liners and chapsticks/lip balms. I have my glosses separated by season. Cause I am OCD like that. Winking smile

On the top table

Then I have a cute little cheetah print bucket that holds my brushes and a cute little wooden 4 drawer piece I got a Kirklands that holds my lipsticks.

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Top Drawers

The first drawer hold all my powders, concealers, primers, eyeliners, mascaras, brow stuff, sharpeners, and tweezers. They are all in a little straw drawer divider that I have had forever.

Top two drawers

The other drawer holds all my palettes and the only divider in that drawer is a short metal file holder I got at Target for the bigger ones.

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Bottom Drawers

The first drawer holds pigments, foundations, cream shadows, a little hair donut I use with my eye brushes to transition to different colors and liquid blushes. There is also some random stuff in here and samples from Sephora and Ulta. All the storage things I got from Target dollar spot or Michaels.

**Hair donut trick I learned from Coffee Break With Dani.**

bottom left drawer

The other drawer hold my blushes, bronzers and some single shadows. Oh and two more palettes LOL! I got the cute boxes from Michaels and the case is from a benefit gift with purchase.

bottom right drawer

This is next product is in that drawer as well & is my favorite palette. Can you guess why…Laughing out loud I absolutely love the packaging of this Urban Decay book of shadows and it has some pretty awesome eyeshadows in it as well.

book of shadows

My side table was actually built by my grandfather and holds my mirror, a blush palette I got at Christmas from benefit and a couple more storage boxes I got a Michaels.


I have my bare minerals in one of the boxes and some round concealers and eye shadows that would fit in there. Then in the other box I have all my backup mascaras, brow pencils and liquid eye liners. Note to self I have enough mascara!!

side table makeup boxes

Red lips

So in the end I put a couple items to the side that I don’t give enough love or that did not work for me but might work for someone else.

bag o goodies

They will find a home with a family member. I think through out the week more might be added to this bag but I was to pooped from sorting and organizing that this was as far as I got.

I blame all my purchases on Kandee Johnson, Xsparkage, YWP, Beauty Broadcast, Sam Schuerman, etc…..  YouTube!! Flirt male

Happy MondayRed lips

Red lips

**I never buy anything full price. I either have a coupon/discount, go on deal days, or when they are having major sales. Reward Bucks & Kohl’s cash also helpWinking smile. Some of the items were also sent to me  by Bzz agent or Influenster or are part of my Ipsy subscription I get monthly**


  1. Lookin good! Very organized! I really should pay more attention to my makeup but I seem to just do what I have always done. Not good, I know. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from youtube too. Time for a new look for me...the year 2000 makeup game isn't cutting it anymore. haha.

    1. I was stuck in a rut with my makeup too and started watching youtube and reading more beauty blogs to see what was new and I quickly went from having a few products to hoarders status. I need to stop LOL ;)