Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tarte Eye Will Eye Essential Set

Still working on the play at my son’s old elementary school but I wanted to pop this up since this probably won’t be in stock much longer!

Nouveau Cheap  posted yesterday about all the things hitting the sale page on Sephora’s site she is a bad influence.  There were a lot of Tarte products but the Tarte Eye Will Eye Essentials set caught my eye because I have been wanting to try Tarte’s shadows and I did not want another big palette and I have also been wanting to try the lash primer and smolder eye liners.



This set was on sale for $16 which is a awesome deal. The normal price for the lash primer and small lights, camera, lashes mascara is $20 in the little sample section near the counter in Sephora and the liner is $19.00. So right there you are already getting a great deal.


This set is still available on the site as of right now. (7pm 5/20/15)

The beauty and the box eyeshadow quads go for $22 on Tarte’s site but I could not find them on Sephora or Ulta’s site so they might be discontinuing this type of packaging?? But again great deal to try out their shadow.


I did not open the mascara cause I already have a full size open cause it is my all time favorite mascara. The wand looks like this ↓


I have not tried any of the below products because they literally just came in but I wanted to get this up and swatched in case anyone saw this deal and wanted to see what the products looked like. Rolling on the floor laughing

MultipeEYE lash enhancing primer


Skinny smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner in slate.


Beauty & the box eyeshadow quad in Sky Dive, Love More, Recycle & 5K


                                                       Sky Dive    Love More    Recycle      5K

                                                                                            ↓                     ↓                      ↓                       ↓


It took several swipes to get the pigmentation but they are definitely pretty. You might just have to pack them on more then like a Lorac or Urban Decay shadow.

So if you are wanting to try this brand and you have flash shipping I would definitely get this deal!! Red lips


  1. Omg I love Tarte. That mascara and primer is bomb. I'm trying to avoid Sephora..and ulta...those stores are the DEBT of me!! My baby pug just chewed up my tarte primer and I'm so tempted to shop on Sephora you know for a replacement and other essentials.

    1. LOL yes I try to avoid both too, but I got the sephora flash shipping at the beginning of the year so it's so hard not to buy when they are having a good sale with free shipping ;)