Friday, March 11, 2016

Talkin’ Trash

Not talkin’ smack! Winking smile

I have this box full of beauty products I have used up and was planning to do a review on them one by one but just decided I would just throw them all in one post and give mini reviews on each. Plus my blog has been neglected long enough!

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First up is powders. I have the Makeup Forever HD powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte in translucent and creamy natural.
I love the Makeup Forever HD. I have already purchased another one. It goes on so silky and for me it doesn’t leave a white cast or have flash back. I have read that others have had that issue but I have not. It also keeps me pretty matte.
The Rimmel Stay Matte is one of my all time favorites since I have oily skin and I will definitely repurchase. My only issue with it is once it get down to the last layer it crumbles into a mess but it’s cheap so not a big deal.

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Milani and Urban Decay eye primers.
I love the Milani one. I read somewhere a long time ago that is was similar to Too Faced Shadow insurance and it really is. They have the same consistency and wear time. I would definitely purchase it again. (They are BOGO 50% off at CVS online right now.)
Now the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion I will not be repurchasing. I am allergic to this one unfortunately but in all honesty even if I wasn’t I have found better high end & drug store eye primers. I am not allergic to their Sin and Greed eye primers but again don’t know if I would repurchase those either cause they are a bit of a mess to work with.

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This Hand Food by Soap & Glory I absolutely love and am soooo excited that Ulta now carries it and Target has it online. I have already repurchased several backups and the holiday collection that smells so yummy. It makes your hands super soft and sinks into the skin quick. (Ulta has BOGO 50% off and the link for the holiday collection is on sale..your welcome!) Winking smile

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I received both of these products through my ipsy bag.
Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner smells kind of tropical but not like what I thought it would. It is really nice though and left my hair feeling soft. I would definitely repurchase once I run out of all the leave in products I have now. Only downfall is it’s expensive and you can only get it on their site or amazon.Crying face
The Brigeo Rosarco Milk is a reparative leave in conditioner. This stuff smells sooo freakin good. I can’t even explain it…it smells sweet, tropical and fresh all at the same time. I know great description Jenny LOL. It made my hair look so healthy though. Love love it!!! But it is pricey too. Crying face
Right now I have several It’s A 10 to go through and some hair oils so maybe once all those are done or if Ipsy sends me another sample I will get more..hint…hint ipsy.

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Some brow products.
First one is Chella that I got in my ipsy. It is in the shade dazzling dark brown. It was perfect for me. The only thing I wish it had was a spooly on the other end. Actually neither of these products do and that would be the one thing that would make think twice if I were to buy them again… I would repurchase this one though if I was placing an order with Chella for my all time favorite highlighting pencil which I also received from ipsy…That ipsy always reeling us in to buy more stuff we don’t need. Flirt male
The other pencil (sorry you can’t really see the name it wore off) is from American Beauty  in the color perfect dark brown. This used to be sold at Kohls but sadly is not anymore. Sarcastic smile I bought a backup when they went on clearance cause I love the color. I can’t find anywhere else that sells them so I won’t be repurchasing.

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I will just nip to the chase here…Go get Tarte’s light camera lashes and forget the rest of these. Unless you love your mascara to transfer then by all means run out and grab the other ones. LOL (FYI the Tarte mascara will be $10 on the 26th of March at Ulta.)

Besides transferring:
Benefit They’re Real’s wand was just odd.
Em by Michelle Phan I liked at first then it started flaking and had a floral weird scent..blech!!Sick smile

Too Faced Better Then Sex wand was also wonky and I did not care for the smell. It also made my lashes clumpy.
Bare Minerals Lash domination I have spoke of before..No just say NO.

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I have touched on this before. While I really do like the GlamGlow products and this youth cleanse they are hella expensive and I am not rich!

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↓This Stuff You Need↓
I got the Dr Brandt Pores No More Primer from…drum roll please…IPSY and I have already repurchased. It is expensive but I get the travel size one so it’s not as expensive. This stuff makes my skin feel soo nice, doesn’t break me out like smash box does and is probably the best primer I have ever tried.

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The Murad Anti-Aging Acne line is awesome. Since I am blessed to be old and get zits ya know cause that’s fun. Smile with tongue out I have already repurchased this treatment and the cleanser at least twice. It’s pricey but I will spend more on skin care any day.

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And last but certainly not lease the Femme Couture lip gloss in the color why do they make this damn writing so small choco-lot. They used to sell these at Sally’s but they no longer do which is a bummer cause I really liked this color.

So there you have it all my trash that I saved just for you. Winking smileRed lips
Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Murad is amazing!
    I have the full size Better than Sex and I like it; I tried a sample of it and did not like it - so maybe it is a packaging problem?
    Try the Benefit Bad Girl Lash. The wand is really big and it helps separate and lengthen your lashes. It's my personal favorite, next to the Dior one (but considerably cheaper).
    I love the MUFE foundation, powders, etc - I have sworn the next time I buy foundation I will be going back to MUFE.
    And I have never been a huge fan of the Urban Decay primer potion. Not so sure what the hype is all about. I use the NYX primer on my lids and it works fantastic. It's also inexpensive. If I don't use that as a primer, sometimes I will use my NYX pencil in milk which really helps shadows that aren't as pigmented pop.

    Great great post!!!

    1. Awe thanks :)

      I second the MUFE products. Love them!! I have not tried to NYX primer but I do love my Milk eyeshadow pencil another good one like it is the Jordana eternal white pencil.

      My Ulta doesn't carry much Benefit products anymore but I will look at Kohls since they carry it now.