Monday, April 11, 2016

Mess No More!

I legit stink at doing my nails. I would rather go to a nail salon but that’s esspensive and I ain’t rich.!! Winking smile I have gotten better in the last year thanks to YWP but not much cause I am lazy and usually just put a clear coat on and call it a day!
I came across this stuff watching a favorites video by leighannsays. If you don’t watch her channel you should she cracks me up. Hello my name is Jenny and I am addicted to Beauty Youtube Channels!
Anywho the Mess No More! by Mini Mani Moo is a liquid tape so you can go all cray painting your nails and not have it everywhere. You can also use it under glitter polish so it peels right off instead of fighting to get it off with nail polish remover. Perfect for moi!!! Embarrassed smile It costs $13.50 on their site and at Ulta.
First thing she is right it smells like strawberries from a distant but up close…gag it smells like strawberries and nail polish remover with a hint of hair dye. Sick smile I think the wand should be a bit smaller. It is ginormous so I accidently got it on my nail a couple times. Granted it’s the first time I used it so there might be a learning curve.
I used the Bridge The Ridge basecoat by American Classics, China Glaze in the color summer rain (Big Mistake…HUGE because it was the same color as the liquid tape) and Seche Vite topcoat.
I painted my nails even worse then normal to really test this stuff out. I am bad but not that bad. Smile with tongue out
It says once you are done painting your nails and before they dry to take the tape off. They suggest using tweezers. Well my suggestion absolutely do not use tweezers. Do you see my thumb & do you see the dent in the nail polish….Nooooooo Whyyyyyyyy Crying face. I suggest just gently pushing/rolling the tape up on the side of your nail and then peeling it away. It comes off fairly easy so tweezers seem unnecessary.
You can see the error of my ways here with using the pink polish. That is a mixture of polish and the liquid tape on my cuticles. I couldn’t get it off by just rubbing it and I was not about to dent up my nails with the tweezers again so I waited for my nails to completely dry and then washed my hands real good.
All in all it wasn’t too bad. Now do my nails look perfect?? Heck To The NO!! I think if I didn’t go all cray cray and paint them like a beast to really test the product it would have worked wonderfully!
So moral of the story if you have issues getting nail polish everywhere and you paint your nails like a normal person then you will love this stuff!
Hope you are all having a good Monday! Red lips


  1. Omg I have to pay to get it done. I cannot paint my nails!!

    1. LOL I used to get mine done every two weeks. I am so impatient when I do mine.