Thursday, August 25, 2016

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies #SnackWithSimply

I was sent a coupon for a free jar of the Simply Ground Peanut Butter by Peter Pan a few weeks ago.


I literally had to tell my son not to eat it right out of the jar until I made these cookies then he could have all he wanted! Winking smile

It cost $3.49 at our local WD but I found the honey roasted on sale today at Hellmart (ie: Walmart) for $1.98.


We always buy the natural versions of peanut butter whether it’s Jif or Peter Pan but they never last long cause my son loves it so much and could live off of it if he had too.

Anywho I have already bought another since this recipe took up most of the jar after he had some on a sandwich or two as well…


It is a peanut butter with some texture to it so if you love only creamy this might not be for you but we love both creamy and crunchy so we loved it the in the middle consistency.

It would be perfect with fruit or even on graham crackers…oooo with Marshmallow Fluff and Nutella…oh yes that sounds like an awesome no heat s’more doesn’t it??? Sorry that literally just came to me as I was typing this but I am soo making that. LOL

Okay now for the recipe. I got this recipe from Mommy’s Home Cooking and she makes the cutest ghosts for Halloween with it. I am not that talented so we stuck with my simple Gingerdead cookie cutter.


I printed it out on back to school paper cause I figure Back to School/Fall/Halloween kind of go hand in hand right….No just me…alrighty then.Confused smile


Here is a little video I made of me baking the cookies.

And here is the finished product. I think the “tanner” Gingerdeads were my favorite cause it really brought out their faces more, but my son likes his cookies on the light side ya know almost like they are not even cooked. LOL I also made the traditional peanut butter cookies with any left over dough.


One Gingerdead man broke so of course I had to do quality control and OMG they are super yummy and would be even better with that yummy icing Mommy’s Home Cooking put on hers.


So if you are in the market for some new peanut butter I would definitely give this one a shot!

Happy Eating!! Plate


**I was sent a coupon to try this product for free but I am a straight shooter so if I love or hate something I’m gonna tell ya!!Winking smile**

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