Monday, January 30, 2017


Lately all the political crap being shoved down my throat on every media outlet imaginable is just too much for me & my anxiety. It frustrates me how many people on both sides will post stuff that is not even factual. I seriously can not tell you how many times a day I roll my eyes after doing my own research.

rolling my eyes

I feel like shouting Google is your friend & so is the local library. Winking smile


So yesterday I gave my phone to the hubs so we would have a map and wouldn’t get totally lost in the wilderness and unplugged for several hours. We went on a nice 6 mile hike through the woods to the River. My back & feet hated me but my soul needed it!!!

hiking collage with watermark

It was so nice to just breathe in the fresh air and spend time chatting and laughing with my guys.


I am really hoping that everything going on in our nation today will soon make sense but in the mean time I think I will be unplugging a lot more this year!!

Happy Monday my friends.Red lips


  1. Right, I'm SO sick of it all. Also, my husband got called "a fascist for working for Trump" today on the streets in Boston. Good times, indeed.

    1. OMG that is awful. It is a sad day in our country when people start calling our men & woman who fight for our freedoms names. WTH is wrong with people :(

  2. I have been doing EXACTLY the same but mostly at night. I also have GREATLY limited my time on Facebook which seems to be the place that most of the crap is circulating. catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Yes FB definitely has a lot more and I have been limiting whose pages I actually go to when I log in there cause I still want to see what my family out of state is up to but don't want to see all the other nonsense.