Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't be a litterbug

Yesterday me and my son went for a walk to the pond at the front of our community to see the ducks and we were appalled at all the trash we saw on the way and around the pond, so today when he got in the car after school he asked if we could go down there with plastic bags and clean it up. They are learning about how to keep the environment clean at school and he is taking it to heart and I am truly greatful he is. I have always taught him not to throw things on the ground, because animals will try to eat it and they can not digest it therefore they will die. He is a animal lover like myself so he does not litter and has at times gotten on to adults and other children for doing it. So down we went to the pond and picked up along our walk and around the pond. When we did all we could do for today we had filled up an entire big Tarjay bag full of trash and we had not even gotten to the other side of the pond yet -- ughhh. I don't know why people think it is o.k. to throw stuff out there windows or leave their empty cans and bottles at the pond. It really gets on my nerves, can ya tell.. We even found shirts and gloves in the pond. Here are a few pics. The first two are the before and after on one side of the pond.

These are of the happy ducks being fed and more clean up.

And lastly the big Tarjay bag full of gross yucky trash.
So I wish to challenge my blogging buddies to go out and clean up your community. To my friends who are in two feet of snow or more I won't hold ya to it til spring;) To my friend Suzanne I did the front of the neighborhood, so I will be at your house with a garbage bag ready to help you with the back tomorrow. Bawahahahahaha:)

I think I am going to propose to our homeowners association that we need one of these around every corner and in front of the pond.


  1. I am right there with you sista, I hate litterbugs! It breaks my heart that people are to daggum lazy to throw their trash away!

    People around here will pull off the road and off load bags of trash....GO TO THE DUMP!! One day instead of driving around like they wanted me too, I waited until they got back into their truck and pulled away! I am sure that they dumped it somewhere eles along the way, but not on my watch!!

  2. I was thinking as I was reading this, maybe we need to discuss with the HOA a "clean up the neighborhood" day, on a quarterly basis at least! You know Hanna and Daniel would be all over this if I suggest we clean up the neighborhood. I think it's a good idea. (Not bailing, but Wednesdays is not good for me.) Thursday afternoon for sure... unless it's raining!

  3. there is a pond and park in front of my house and there is always trash being left behind...they have the prisoners come out and pick it up from time to time and i think people now think 'oh well, the prisoners will get it' but then again, they may not even care! the restrooms are even more hideous, what makes people think that they need to mess things up for everyone? well, good job to you and your son for doing this!

  4. Adorable photos!

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  5. We already do that. We clean up our street and also the beach where we go. People look at us like we are crazy sometimes but we do it anyway. Our road needs a cleanup now and we will probibly do it this weekend.