Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heels, Deals and anxiety

Well I found some heels yesterday for our big trip -- easy spirits, so hopefully I will be comfy. I never wear heels unless they are attached to boots. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love the way they look, but hate them after 30 minutes of having them on . My hair stylist told me to go with a wedge, since she stands on her feet all day I decided that was the way to go.

I found a great deal at the coach outlet on a cute little evening wristlet for the formal dinner we have to attend.. a $98.00 purse for 20 bucks, I was a happy camper:)

Now for the anxiety, I have a tendancy to get very anxious before trips. I am not scared of flying, just traveling in general makes me nervous. I always worry about the packing and hoping we get there safely and if Bub and Ginger will be o.k. while we are gone.. Just all the loose ends you have to do before you leave makes me insane.. I also have a mild case of hyperhidrosis and right now it is acting up since I am anxious and it is driving me crazy.

I just wish I could have this care free attitude, makes you just want to crawl up beside her and go to sleep without a care in the world... So pray for me guys, that we will make it thru this week anxiety free and safely there and back.


  1. LOVE the wristlet!

    One more day!! Yay for you! Nay for me!

  2. glad to hear you had a good time...hope you feel better soon.