Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sings My Soul

Update on Bub: Went to the doctor yesterday he has Strep and was put on antibiotics, No fever since 2 pm yesterday -- Yay.


  1. Oh yes's worth it all! I hope little Bub is feeling better & getting well on the antibiotics & this clears up! Blessings to all!
    Thanks for the inspiring song. I recently heard it and had added it to my long list of favorites but we need to remind ourselves that "It's gonna be worth it all!" We can believe this! Have a wonderful TSMSS & weekend! Hope to see ya' 4 a SUPER SUNDAY!

  2. Hi Jenny, pray your son 'picks up' soon. it is so hard to watch our children suffer.

    I haev never heard any of these songs. Powerful. Thank you for sharing and popping by.
    Love, Sita

  3. I do not know who Jamie is in the first video, I just liked all the pictures and I love this song.

  4. so glad your baby is feeling better.

  5. Today i hear a lot of songs i don't know yet...
    I like the praising lyris and the voies

  6. The Rascal Flatt song was great, had not heard it before. And that second video and song was lovely. Praying your little one is well soon ~

  7. Thanks for sharing these two great songs!