Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If Only Dreams Were Real

I think dreams are sometimes a glimpse into our future 
or help us deal with our past.

I dream a lot about friends and family from my past, some that have past on and some I just have not seen in a while. 

I also have dreams of my Angel babies, but I mainly dreamed of them after my miscarriages/fetal death. 

But last night was one of  the best and the worst dreams I have had of them in a long time.  
I dreamed that I had a baby girl who looked just like my son and we named her Emma Faith, which is what I wanted to name our last angel baby if it was a girl…Can you imagine, I can:
I had just had her and all my family was here and she was just the prettiest happiest baby ever.  

When I woke-up this morning it was bitter sweet.  I felt like I got to see a glimpse of what one of my Angel babies looked like and that was amazing. 

But all day I have felt a little empty inside because it was so real and yet it is not real.  

I know all things happens for a reason, but today I can't find that reason. 

Two friends, one close friends of my family and the other a friend from high school have lost little ones in the past two weeks and it just breaks my heart that they have to endure this loss.  I never got to hold any of my angel babies and it was awful to have to go thru that pain.  I can't imagine having held them and then had to loose them. Please pray for these two families.

I don’t usually talk about this on my blog except for here:

But I just felt the need to have this down on "paper" so I will always remember "The Dream".

This afternoon while lying out in the sun I was flipping thru my Lifeway Christian Sale Ad and came across this I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy by none other than Angie Smith at Bring The Rain, coincidence I think not.....

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  1. wow, what a powerful post. i know that feeling of dreams being so real and effecting your day. however, i love how God directs us in the little ways to show us where to find healing. i pray you will find it my friend. i cannot imagine the feeling of loss.

    i love your new look. did Patrice do this?