Thursday, February 3, 2011

White Clothes Are Evil

Laundry Day---Good Times

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White Clothes are the worst.  They are the bane of my existence.  

I don't mind the washing because the washer does it--Love you washing machine
or the drying because I'm not personally drying them by hand with the hair dryer---Love you dryer.

It is the getting them out and making it to my room to fold them part I hate, because you guessed it 
I have to do it. 

 There are always those one or two socks that don't want to cooperate on the way to my room and jump ship as I'm walking.  So you bend over to pick it up and another one goes over board... 


Then the folding part

Why do socks disappear in the wash cycle????

One day they will make a contraption like Rosie on the Jetsons to do all this for us right???

**Laundry Bin Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


  1. sounds like we have the same problem...the socks are jumping ship here too! i actually love folding clothes when they are warm from the dryer, but i just cannot STAND to go and put them away. not sure why that bothers me so much. maybe because i can barely fit them into the drawers they are so full!

  2. i'm folding my whites at this very moment...i always spill the 'splashless' bleach, and it still manages to splash on me...
    i've adopted the habit of continuing to load the dryer without picking up the socks/underwear as they miss the dryer entrance and land on the floor...i always drop many, so i've learne to completely load the dryer and then pick up the stack of dropped pieces

    I don't like putting it away family has grown accustomed to picking up their own folded laundry off the table and taking it to their own drawer or's been known to stay there for an entire weekend, though.
    great the cartoons

  3. I am glad I am not alone ;) I have gotten to where I don't even use bleach because I end up with it all over me.