Friday, January 9, 2015

Cold Weather Day

Yesterday was frigid in the south. We even had snow flurries here which is just crazy so Matt got a treat and got to come in the warm and toasty house all day and all night and most of today cause Momma loves to have him in the house!

He was in heaven. He gets to come in on occasion but is for the majority of the time a outside dog. Well a under the covered porch in his fancy igloo dog ;) He is pretty rotten I must say but he is such a good boy.


Guess what came in the mail yesterday:

My New Years PJs. Thanks Target :/ 

I guess I will sport them next year while I am snoozing through the ball dropping at midnight again.


Today I have been doing a lot more organizing and laundry! 

Fun right....

Tilda has been my helper. She sure does love a box.


I am still not feeling that great but I am pretending my throat and ear don't hurt and Matt was cheering me on with my delusion ;)

Happy Friday! I hope you have lots of fun plans for the weekend :) 

Fingers crossed I feel awesome tomorrow and get to go to a fun event with friends!!

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