Friday, January 23, 2015

Mrs. Sicky Pants Report

Finally went to the doctor for these headache this morning.


On top of barometric migraines from Mother Nature having a mood swing when it comes to weather I also have a deep inset sinus infection.

Yay Me!!

I would have taken a selfie with my doctor but that may have been awkward LOL. Winking smile He probably would have so done it though cause he is cool like that.

So I got a steroid shot OUCH...


I get to take these horse pills and use this sinus rinse thing. Here's hoping I don't drown myself with that thing. Disappointed smile

I headed over to Target while I was waiting for the above horse pills and got this yummy goodness. Last year they just had vanilla cupcake flavor but this year they have strawberry cupcake. YUM!!

I also went and got a Starbucks caramel macchiato and some banana bread because you can't take horse pills on a empty stomach. Am I right ladies and gentlemen??

Still rockin the Christmas cups

If only this front would hurry it's little booty along then maybe my dull headache would be gone for today.Storm cloud

A Plus for today though is I have only had to take one Excedrin and the rest of the day I have used the headache relief synergy oil blend from plant therapy to keep it at bay. 

Have A Great Weekend!!!

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