Friday, July 10, 2015

Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster

I was sent these Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster Samples from bzz agent back in May.


This picture was taken around the same time.. What can I say May was a busy month of volunteering so no time for a before close up picture sans makeup. Sorry I am sure you are heartbroken not to see that hot mess LOL! Rolling on the floor laughing


Anywho’s this is a hyaluronic acid booster that is supposed to plump fine lines and prevent moisture loss. It is a pretty simple product to use you just add a few drops to your regular moisturizer.

First off I am not to fond of the packaging. The little tube makes it hard to get the product out.


Full size retails for $45.00 and a trial size retails for $9.00. I am glad they offer trial sizes of most of their products to test out before you spend the big bucks.Money

It is a clear gel consistency and I mixed it with my Laneige water bank gel cream during the day and the Laneige water bank serum at night.


This was taken just a few days ago:


I dunno I gave it a fair shake but I am not seeing much of a difference.  Granted I don’t have a huge amount of wrinkles. I think it may have been causing some break outs too but I can’t be sure if it was the hyaluronic booster or the combo of the moisturizer and the booster.  Maybe it would be more compatible with a Paula’s Choice Moisturizer. I think if we had been sent one along with the hyaluronic booster that may have been a better product experiment.

That is just my two cents but it might work fabulously for you!!! I do absolutely love Paula’s Choice Resist BHA’s so I definitely think you should check them out.

They sent me a code for 20% off your next order plus free shipping if you are interested in trying any of their products: PRBZZ20 (code expires July 31, 2015)

**I was sent this product from bzz agent for free but all the opinions are mine. No one paid me to say I love or hate this product**


  1. Oh it's that crap! Lmao. I tossed it out. It gave me breakouts bigtime! Plus my skin was super dry. Noooo thank you.

    1. Yep I did not really know how to review it since I saw no difference. I gave a sample to a couple people with different skin types to see how it worked for them. So maybe they will have better luck then us LOL ;)