Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I saw a commercial for this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker the other day and was already placing a order to Kohls for some other products and had coupons, Kohls cash and reward money so I figured why not.


It cost $32.99 but that is not what I paid. I think I ended up paying like $20.00.

I tested it out this morning and OMG I think I love this thing.


It is really small and doesn’t take up much counter space.

It does take about 5 minutes to preheat along with the 5 minutes to cook so it takes more time then popping a frozen breakfast sandwich in the microwave.

I decided to make the classic egg “Mc”muffin.


I sprayed it down with olive oil spray. It says to use cooking spray but Pam literally makes me gag from the smell.

It was super simple to assemble and then you just set your timer for 5 minutes.



It turned out perfect and tastes way better then ickdonalds.

There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest for this thing too. I am excited to try some new concoctions for breakfast, lunch and even desserts.


Be careful though and use a oven mitt because it is super hot and you don’t want to be a moron like me burn yourself. Crying face


Have a great Tuesday!



My back is still jacked up and so far the injections do not seem to have helped but they said sometimes it takes the second round for it to make a difference so keep crossing your fingers and toes. Fingers crossed


  1. I bought Military Husband one of these and he has yet to use it! It looks fun though.
    Oh and yes, ickdonalds!! Lol

    1. He should definitely try it! I am super impressed with it!

  2. Hope your back gets to feeling better. I used to have that Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. Didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I ended up giving it to a co-worker.

    1. Thank you :) It definitely is coming in handy with my son who could eat the whole house when he gets home from school. This afternoon we made english muffin pizzas with it.

  3. you know what's funny? I read about this on a blog months ago and was DYING to have it! I ordered mine from Amazon...used it a few times, (YES I DO like it!)...but.......I find that because I don't keep it out on the counter, I NEVER use it! I do like it though.

    1. I keep mine on the counter right now but yeah if it was out of sight like many of my other gadgets I would just forget about it.