Friday, September 25, 2015

Nordstrom Rack Just Take My Money

I have got to steer clear of this place!!!

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Me and my friend went on another shopping outing which ended with a trip to Nordstrom Rack which ended up in the beauty section which ended up with me walking out of the store with these:


Military Wife mentioned the EOS Coconut milk lip balm was awesome and since I cave to peer pressure they had a whole bowl of them I grabbed two. One is in my purse already. Winking smile

I have all of the Stila palettes like these except this one and since I need another eye shadow palette like I need a hole in the head it was on sale I grabbed it. It was $19.97+tax =$21.37 and they are still going for $31.00 on Sephora but you have to pay shipping unless you have Flash shipping plus the tax…. I mean really better deal all around if you can find it at Nordstrom Rack.


My friend noticed the smoked palette and I have been wanting it for a while because Kandee Johnson said it was bomb..the peer pressure is strong in this one. They have it on the Urban Decay website on the sale page for $22 but with shipping + tax it would come to $32.10. I got it for  $19.97 + tax=$21.37 so again way better deal at Nordstrom Rack.


Okay now someone enroll me in eye shadow addicts anonymous STAT!! I need no more….

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I also found this little Gingerdead men cookie cutter at Nordstrom Rack for $4.97 and these cute dish towels at Kohl’s which were on sale for $5.00 for each set.


So tell me how many eye shadow palettes do you own? I need support people don’t make me feel alone in my obsession!! Winking smile

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  1. Omg I want that smoked palette!! I don't need anymore eyeshadows tho (I have so much I don't use its sad). The EOS lip balm cleared up my horrible chapped lips hooray!! I gotta find more because they don't have it anywhere around my city. Because we suck. Haha