Monday, October 19, 2015

October Ipsy Bag

Before I jump into this months bag just some randomness from this morning…

I made a smoothie and decided I would use a new recipe I pinned that called for greek yogurt.  I was all okay I have some of that cause that is what I give Ginger with her flaxseed. I made it and immediately was like um NO just NO why would I want to put something that tastes like sour cream in a smoothie…Sick smile Good thing Ginger loves that stuff cause I will never touch it again where smoothie making is concerned!!!!

So I poured that out and will stick with my Yoplait vanilla or strawberry/banana yogurt. I know it is not as “healthy” but you know I like to unhealthy stuff.


Much better!! smiley drinking

 (the candy corn in the shot did not go in the smoothie but that might have been pretty tasty)


& while I was taking pictures I noticed the little sun dial thingy where you can change the brightness of the picture…yeah that was probably added a bazillion updates ago but I have just never paid attention to it! Embarrassed smile I always go into another app to fix the lighting….

Hello my name is Jenny and I should not be allowed to own a iPhone!!!

smiley oops

Red lips

Okay now onto the makeup…

The theme for this months bag is alter ego. I somehow forgot to take a picture of the card but it is a girl with regular makeup and then a girl with vampire makeup. When you see the contents of the bag it doesn’t really go with it. I would expect like a bunch of Halloween themed makeup after seeing that card?? Ghost

Anywho the bag is a shiny gold on one side and a like patent leather black on the other. More of a New Years theme then a Halloween theme but maybe they were going for a Fall gold theme here?? I am so confused It is still cute so no biggie.


BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) fragrance free hand and body treatment. It truly is fragrance free. It smells like nothing but also doesn’t have that weird I’m fragrance free smell either. It is pretty light weight and sinks into the skin quick which is what I like in a hand cream so that is what I will be using it for. Full size retails for $11.95.


Medium eye shader brush from Royal & Langnickel.  Just a classic shader brush. It is soft and a pretty color so I will take it. Retails for $3.99.  (In the link above it will take you to a similar brush because I could not find the exact brush on their site which always kind of annoys me when this happens cause what if I wanted to buy another one that looked just like this one…sigh…)


Nourish Organic pure hydrating argan face serum. I did not even open this because it is going straight to my sis-n-law who has dry skin. I would probably look like a grease ball if I tried to use that. Full size retails for $23.99.


Benefit Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade Committed.  This has a vanilla mint flavor so if you don’t like minty lip products it may not be for you. It is a really pretty shade and goes on very comfortable and pretty much stays that way but after about 15 minutes of wearing it I looked in the mirror and it just made my lips look cruddy. I slapped some Victoria Secret lip balm over top and it saved it but I definitely would not wear this alone. The full size retails for $17.00. (side note I am not a fan of matte lip products of any kind so this may be fabulous for someone who loves them.)


Mica Beauty Cosmetics cream eye shadow in bronze. This is exclusive for Ipsy subscribers and I could not find any cream eye shadows on their site. Their normal bronze eye shadow retails for $14.95. It is really pretty and maybe this is something that could be used in a Halloween/Fall look but it is the only thing in the bag that would. Winking smile


Happy Monday Red lips


  1. Haha, the girl with vampire makeup is Christian Dominique I think! She and I are friends. She's from Houston originally and now lives in L.A.

  2. My 21 yoa daughter receives Ispy every month. She rarely wears makeup. I think she just likes getting the package in the mail!
    I like smoothies with Greek yogurt. We make smoothies with the Nutri Ninja at work quite often.

    1. It is always fun getting packages in the mail. Kind feels like Christmas.

      Maybe I just did not add enough honey cause it tasted like straight up sour cream mixed with fruit. I was not a fan LOL ;)