Friday, June 24, 2016

Bub Is Home

Bub went on a mission trip this week


and it has been rough here at the home front. Not only do I miss him when he is gone but our dog has the worst separation anxiety from him. Crying face



I tried sleeping with him the first night so he wouldn’t pace around at night and this pretty much sums up how much sleep I got. Can we say bed hog!!


The next few nights he just paced or moved from his bed to Ginger’s old bed to the love seat. Every morning even though he is not allowed on this couch Daddy’s rule not mine he would jump up and pass out cold cause I was finally awake and he felt he could sleep. I just let him cause he was so exhausted from pacing.




But Bub called yesterday and wanted to come home a night early. He wasn’t getting good sleep either and they wouldn’t be doing mission work today so I went and got him.

Bub talked 90 to nothing about his week all the way home and captured these really pretty shots while going over a bridge.




When we got home Matt lost his mind. Even Tilda was like thank you Jesus now maybe I can get some good sleep too!! LOL


Bub was so exhausted he quick took a shower and passed out cold.Sleepy smile


Matt was hilarious he kept laying down on the floor next to him then getting up and giving him drive by kisses while he was sleeping.


I didn’t get any pictures this morning but that dog slept like a baby last night and so did Bub…and so did we. Winking smile

Happy Friday!!

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