Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweating Like A Dog

Remember these from my sis-n-laws Raffle for their Mission Trip

Yellow_Day_Lily Chevron_Yellow_Star

5 Large Yellow Lilies, 5 Chevron Yellow Star Lilies

Crinim_Ellen_Bosanquet Old_Style_Orange

2 Crinim, 5 Old Style Orange

Pink_Rain_Lily Spider_Lilly

10 Pink Rain Lilies, 5 Spider Lilies

Well I won them from my friend Greg @ Greg's General Store and we got them on Friday so on Saturday we were going to plant them but a Monsoon decided it wanted to visit us and ruin our whole day…the nerve, so we ended up planting them Sunday.  Here are some pics…Just to let you know it was 100 degrees and I was sweating something fierce, those who know me know I do not like to sweat ever.  Thank Goodness the pool was near by or I would not have made it.

Brad planting


Our Supervisor who is saying “Back to work..ahahahahahaha”


Finished product

 P1040755 P1040756

Ginger rubbing it in that she is in her nice cool pool while we are sweating like dogs


Here are some more of the lillies we could not plant in the flower bed


I will try to take more pics soon, because some are already bloomingimages


  1. What pretty flowers you are going to have!
    Wow, you are hot; we are still pretty cool here in Colorado!

  2. Congrats! What beautiful flowers!

    I just have to tease you and say that I was hoping to see a picture of you with your tongue hanging out or wet footprints on dry ground since you said you sweated like a dog. :)

  3. First, anyone who says my Higgins is spoiled, from here on out I am sending them to your blog!! Ginger is far more rotten than my Higgins is!!

    If you don't have room for those flowers....send them my way....they are going to look beautiful!! Greg is such a wonderful BFF!

  4. sweating like a dog? hmmm... doesn't look like Ginger is sweating. :) great job on the flowers. you'll have to take pix when they are in full bloom.

  5. Does the dog share the pool with your son? or that for Ginger only?

  6. Good for you planting those plants! Greg is such a great person too. Lucky you for winning.

    My Boston doesn't like the water! I had one who LOVED it, but she passed away at age 14. My new guy, who is 2, hates the water! Your Ginger is a cutie.

  7. Okay, I don't want it to be that hot here, but could we at least have some sun? It's the middle of June; I shouldn't be bundled up at my son's baseball games! Boy, my dog would be jealous...he doesn't have his own pool!

  8. wow, you got alot! can't wait to see them blooming.

  9. Yes I want to see how they look when they bloom. I hope everything made it there ok. It is best to ship the plants earlier in the spring or late in the fall for anyone else who might be interested in getting some. This was the absolute worst time because they were trying to bloom and I had to find a box big enough to get them in. It was my pleasure though and I hope you enjoy them. Great choice of locations.

  10. Congrats to you!! They are beautiful and can't wait till they are in full bloom.

  11. I'm glad I saw this! I never knew what spider lilies were.