Monday, June 1, 2009

Switchin it up a notch

Switcha what???
I guess I may need to do something since during the great flood of 2009 I ate this
P1040531 thisP1040535 thisP1040536
and this…
Oh wait I just made that yesterday and if you want the recipe go here. It is called Banana Cinnamon Chip Cake and boy is it delicious. It will make you want to slap your eye balls out or slap your tongue out your mouth or something like that, those are southern terms or something my husband made up.. I will have to consult with him on the correct terminology. But I am telling you it is yummo and you could even eat it for breakfast, I mean if you were not doing the 30x5 and all. I am totally not eating that for breakfast, I am eating Blueberry Muffin Shredded Wheat w/skim milkavatar16.jpg cat wink image by patris0715. But seriously you need to try the recipe it will make you want to slap your Grandma, wait no, seriously I am confused. Don’t go slappin’ your grandma after you eat it and blame it on me because I will deny, deny, deny…
You know who I want to slap, well not really because I love his blog and he is a super great guy …GREG... He came up with this whole switcheroo concept and I have been perplexed ever since Linda put it up on her blog as our next challenge. I live in a very warm climate and the only safe things to do during the summer is get on the treadmill in the ACPhotobucket or swim for fear of heat stroke and I already do both of those. So I guess I will combine the two.. No I am not going to put my treadmill in the pool, I’m not a fan of being electrocuted. I will try to run in the pool for 30 to 40 minutes 5 days a week or maybe even 6, sounds good to me, right that’s switching it up isn’t it ?? And since I totally stunk up the last 30x5 since I am not a big fan of water, but I did try0522091418-00.
I am going to start drinking 2 parts water to one part CranStrawberry or CranApple..

Woohoo dance1 I can join in the Old Switcheroo and now I don’t have to slap anything or anyone…Thank goodness because all this slapping business is confusing the heck out of me.
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  1. i wish i knew the correct terminology for ya, slappin' your grandma is one that i have heard. that recipe looks delicious but i am starting a new diet today so looks like i will have to pass! darn it!

  2. This morning I got back on my old machine at the gym but I decided to turn the intensity up a bit and see how fast I could go. I did pretty good and didn't die although I feel like I am closer than I was this morning. :)

  3. I've always heard something was so good it would make you want to "slap yo mama!". LOL! It all looks delicious.

  4. I completely agree.... Living in S. Texas you might as well forget exercising outside unless your digging your own burial plot because that's probably where you'll end up.

  5. I love that cereal!! The strawberry is good too. :)

    Your humor cracks me up.. slap your eye balls out. HA~!